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"we can be fine even when others do not have a good opinion of us. after all, what matters is not what others think of us, but what we think of ourselves. and the truly intelligent person is one who can pretend to be a fool in front of a fool who pretends to be intelligent"


i've been looking for torrents of my favorite shows but i couldnt find any new episodes yet, so i just browsed the news. i learned that the elections in the states is only months away from now.. there are news bout obama and hillary clinton.. so i heard they are competing for the spot of who's going to run for the democratic slot? am i correct??? obama, if he gets lucky and wins will be the first black american president.. while hillary will be the first woman president ever. so tough choice, right? and that is only for the democratic slot. i wasnt really familiar with the two party systems in the US.. all i know is that these two are really rivals.. and i think that some people in the states get passionate bout it.. just like in basketball or baseball games.. some are loyal to one party.. some to the other.. the loyalty even runs in families. we usually have a lot of political parties here in the philippines... not to mention a lot of independent candidates during election.. i think we should improve that screening process for anyone who plans to run for president.

anyway so i researched a little bout these 2 parties.although im not a voter in the states i just wanted to know. that's just me..always curious..actually it irks me.. LOL

so ill start with the flags.. republican-elephant; democrat-donkey
why such animals? i dunno.. so the main difference is their platform...

according to what ive heard they said the the republicans usually are pro-rich, pro-business, promilitary and conservative while the democrat leans toward the common people or the middle class, liberal, tolerates other culture, accepts alternative lifestyles, wants bigger govt (so citizens depends more), bigger budget and less concern on morality. so proabortion etc..

Democrat vs Republican?

A Balanced Budget vs. Lower Taxes -
balanced Federal budget more important, higher taxes(democrat)
lower taxes, people receive more of what they earn, good business(republican)

Tolerance vs. Morality
tolerance of other lifestyles(d)
a moral code of conduct in society(r)

Individual Security vs. A Gun Free Society
country without guns(d)
a secure home, gun ownership(r)

Prison vs. Capital Punishment
imprisonment for life(d)
capital punishment(r)

Socialism vs. Capitalism
society with a big social safety net,govt gets more;social security(d)
society where people get to keep more of what they make for themselves;private accounts(r)

Statesmanship vs. Unilateralism
US should always work in concert with other countries (d)
"going it alone" (r)

Public vs. Private Education
federal government should only fund public schools (d)
also private education (r)

Judicial Freedom
judges should be free to "interpret" the laws of our country (d)
otherwise (r)

Scientific Advances
Do you think science should be allowed to advance unchecked by our moral code? (d)
otherwise (R)

Enviroment vs. Business
environment should be protected even if its harmful to business (d)
business first (r)

if ever ill vote there in the US i think ill choose republican.. yikes.. im conservative... i'm anti abortion.. that's because of Dra. Aguirre.. :p i even took the test..

Your Vote Score: 64% Republican, 36% Democrat

While you don't always agree with the Republican party, it's a pretty good match for you.
Do be sure to research each candidate. A conservative Democrat or independent candidate might fit you better at times.


anyway i dont wanna appear as a die hard fan.. haha.. i just cant help but share her video to you. i got teary eyed while watching part of her video.. anyway for those who do not know yet.. christine is a fil-am and she shares her feelings upon visiting the land of her mother and father for the first time. for phil-ams i think it is important that they get to visit the phils even once in their lives. anyway ill quickly end it here and just watch her video instead.

Email interview with the Asian Journal: 2/2

additional info (to dak: i know ur a josh verdes fan): theyre cousins pala. so he also came.. yep.. josh verdes is also here! :D


it's official.. happyslip is coming to the Philippines. :D the department of tourism invited her to come and see her homeland. the last time she's been here was when she was still a year old. and now after 30 years she's back. i just hope that the tv stations wouldnt fight over her..as they usually do. i can't believe that she's family also came from Nueva Ecija.. my kababayan.. im a novo ecijana myself.. hm i hope she enjoys her trip and im hoping of meeting and greeting her in person. :D check her blog for more info and also to watch her video announcement.


yey ive finally done it...congratulate me.. LOL.. ok back to work..=)
i was already starting to think that i lack spatial intelligence..;p it has been believed that the males are better when it comes to processing visual information and manipulating objects. hm.. (so does that explains their talent for manipulating women?? kidding..)
so what is spatial intelligence?
first, we have different categories of intelligence that we call multiple intelligence. it started with the theory proposed by Howard Gardner, a psychologist. his theory describes an array of different kinds of "intelligences" exhibited by human beings. Gardner suggests that each individual manifests varying levels of these different intelligences, and thus each person has a unique "cognitive profile.
Gardner's Categories of intelligence
1. Bodily-Kinesthetic-involves bodily movements..they usually learn more by doing rather than reading or hearing. this involves the dancers or the athletes. they have what is so called muscle memory. they learn more through their body rather than by words- hearing(verbal memory) or reading/images(visual memory).
Careers suited for this type include: dancers, demonstrators, actors, athletes, divers, sports-people, soldiers, fire-fighters, PTI's, performance artistes; ergonomists, osteopaths, fishermen, drivers, crafts-people; gardeners, chefs, acupuncturists, healers, adventurers
2. Interpersonal- these are the extroverts. these are the social experts. they are good in understanding other people's feeling, their moods and temperament. so they easily get along with other people. they easily learn through working with other people.. they enjoy group activities such as discussion or debates. they are good in leading or following.
Careers suited for this type include: therapists, HR professionals, mediators, leaders, counsellors, politicians, eductors, sales-people, clergy, psychologists, teachers, doctors, healers, organisers, carers, advertising professionals, coaches and mentors; (there is clear association between this type of intelligence and what is now termed 'Emotional Intelligence' or EQ does GRO count?? hm may be..
3. Verbal-Linguistic- this type of intelligence has got something to do with words- be it written or spoken. they display a facility with words and language. they learn best by reading, listening to lectures, discussions or debates. they are frequently skilled in explaining, teaching, oration and persuasive speaking. people with linguistic intelligence usually learn foreign languages easily.
Careers: writers, lawyers, journalists, speakers, trainers, copy-writers, english teachers, poets, editors, linguists, translators, PR consultants, media consultants, TV and radio presenters, voice-over artistes. -->bloggers?
4. Logical-Mathematical- has to do with logic, abstractions, inductive and deductive reasoning, and numbers. those with this type of intelligence usually excel in math, physics, chess, computer programming, sudoku and other activities w/c involves numbers. they are skilled in scientific thinking and investigation, solving complex calculation, abstract pattern recognition, and more of reasoning capabilities.
Careers- scientists, engineers, computer experts, accountants, statisticians, researchers, analysts, traders, bankers bookmakers, insurance brokers, negotiators, deal-makers, trouble-shooters, directors
5. Naturalistic- newest and not widely accepted. this involves ones ability to with nurturing and relating oneself with nature. they usually are good in planting and growing plants, taming animals, predicting weather and differentiating species from one another. they can predict changes in the environmentand learn best by collecting and analyzing data.
Careers- farmers, gardeners, scientists, biologists, conservationalists, naturalists, fishermen
6. Intrapersonal- this has to do with self awareness- intrainspective and self-reflective capacities. people with this type of intelligence are usually considered introverts. they learn best by analyzing things and situations by themselves. they usually prefer to work alone. they are highly capable of analyzing their own emotions, goals and motivations.
Careers- philosophers, psychologists, theologians, writers and scientists
7. Musical- this involves music, rhythm and hearing. those with high musical-rhythmic intelligence are more sensitive to sound, music, tones and rhythms. they usually have a good or even absolute pitch and are able to sing, conduct music, play musical intruments and compose songs. they learn bes by hearing. they usually study better by accompanying music with memorizing information. they often study with music in the background or while wearing their ipods.
Careers- musicians, singers, composers, DJ's, music producers, piano tuners, acoustic engineers, entertainers, party-planners, environment and noise advisors, voice coaches
8. Spatial Intelligence- this has to do with visual and spatial judgement, their knowledge of an object as a whole. they are typically very good at visualizing and mentally manipulating objects. they have a strong visual memory and are often artistically inclined. Those with visual-spatial intelligence also generally have a very good sense of direction and may also have very good hand-eye coordination.
Careers- artists, designers, cartoonists, story-boarders, architects, photographers, sculptors, town-planners, visionaries, inventors, engineers, cosmetics and beauty consultants
hm.. i kind of disagree with the test coz i know im not that good with words.. lol.. ill retake the test next time.. maybe im just sleepy.

Take this test!

Being linguistically intelligent means that you have a knack for using words and language. As a result, you've probably noticed that you have a greater gift for expressing yourself than most people around you. In fact, you might be known in your circle of friends as something of a wordsmith.

Whether writing or speaking, you're the type to get your point across with both precision and flair. At times, this can make you a very persuasive communicator. By choosing the right words at the right time, you can clearly express your ideas, thoughts, and feelings to others. This can be a crucial skill in both your professional and personal life.


i just bought this 3x3x3 puzzle cube n i cant seem to finish it.. haha.. i really suck with these 3D puzzles..

ok.. i actually woke up yesterday morning with a text message from my mom... she said that she'll be going to manila.. she brought my niece marielle, along and told me to bring her to trinoma.. i was shocked when i saw marielles hair.. .it was permed! haha..so here are just some photos..

toys r us-bought her a boardgame n a fishing game for her 2 brothers..

waited for her to read all the books at powerbooks... LOL.. (nahuli pa kami ng guard bawal daw magpicture..)

ate nelia n marielle.. tambays

haha.. ok i really find it funny.. i dont think ill ever be a good food blogger... lage na may bawas before i remember to take a picture of it... takaw kasi!! haha

ok so we ate at the trinoma foodcourt. bought my food from world chicken.. -grilled chicken with 2 side dishes-i chose potato salad n pesto cream.. for the sauce i chose ranch bbq.. yum!


yesterday during pharma discussion, dra ong mentioned that she feels like she's britney while wearing her headset.. then changed her mind coz she doesnt wanna be like britney anymore coz brit has bipolar and substance abuse disorder... so she's more updated than i am.. haha.. anyway someone with a sane mind, even without much medical knowledge can say that indeed there is somethin wrong with her... i think the turnaround happened when she married her backup dancer then had two kids..followed by unending scandals...fights with paparazzis...series of arrests...lipsyncs...horrible performances... embarrassment..questionable boyfriends...hysteria... everything just went downhill for her.... now she has a paparazzi bf, wants to embrace islam and intends to marry him.what could have happened??? well.. we wont really know how other people's minds work... and we shouldnt judge... but anyway..what wasshe thinking???! so she had severe depression..then substance abuse... then now bipolar disorder...

i think she had problems growing up... well everyone has problems..its just that most of us usually rise above them... some do not... support from friends and family is really important... and of course prayers...

also another factor i think that affected her so much was the fame and the attention... i think a lot of stars experience this.. the view from the top is so breath-taking.. so addictive.. so going down could be really painful and difficult for some stars to accept...some couldnt accept that and will do anything just to get back up.. which is really wrong.. when a person has negative thoughts and feelings... no matter how that person tries to look nice.. people will sense it. and itll show.. first thing to do should be to deal with the problem.. accept things that are beyond her control. let go of the negative things and convert those feelings to positive ones..make those feelings constructive rather than destructive..anabolic than catabolic.. haha sounds like dr phil???!

actually i pity her.. oh well.. she needs help.. STAT! im not a britney fan... never was... if she'll ask for my advice ill tell her that it would be better if she rests for a while... poor girl.. she was bout to be casted for a movie "memoirs of a medicated girl" but then the producers didnt want her.. hm.. i guess the society also should stop ridiculing her.. she needs help n acceptance and criticizing her everytime would only worsen her condition....

grabe she looks so haggard...wawa naman


a few days back, ive heard from the radio(RX 93.1) about this study/survey...theyve compared the performance of those students who study all night and those who study at night but are still able to have some sleep. they have concluded that according to stats..

those who don't study all night long have higher averages than those who study all night long..

we think ur minds are working at 2am but not really. how can u effectively study if you're sleepy right? they say sleep improves memory.
also, lack of sleep can alter ur performance really bad..! so sleep! and don't forget to eat breakfast.. its the most important meal of day! :P and take ur vitamins!
hm but then again. what doesnt work for someone may really work for someone else.. so still case to case basis. well.. me? i prefer to sleep when im sleepy.. :D

exams week is finally coming to an end.. hm.. but being a med student.. exams are part of our everyday lives. i believe it is important to have study habits but then to each his own. we do whatever works for us.. usually i take breaks from time to time to refresh. do u know that according to studies the maximum time that we can really pay our complete attention to something is average of 2 hours..? so studying or listening to a lecture for longer periods may not be efficient.. it's nice to stretch or grab a bite from time to time. also in my opinion.. (coz it works for me) it is important that im in the mood.:D does that mean im a crammer? hm.. i dunno.. another important thing. u should know how to handle ur time, budget it. being so laid back really has its disadvantages. i still wish that sometimes i can be like my other classmates who are so diligent.. and super responsible.

dont be too grade conscious.. exams don't measure who u really are. what's important is that u learn something and u know how and when to use that acquired knowledge..

just do ur best! and enjoy life coz each moment is a time spent that u can never get back! :D


u know who u are

for YOUR eyes only..
ok, i see.. ur viewn my blog again. want some updates? i was thinking of texting u nlng since i know ur number naman..hm.. dont know how u got the url of dis site.. i didnt even post it in my friendster blog. so im just wondering...ur really doin ur research huh? i left friendster pero nahabol mo parin ako dto?

tryin to see if iv seen ur blog already? want another reaction? if thats the case ur wasting ur time dear.. coz i wont be having any of it na... not my thing. stop bothering me na. un lang... for all i care..u can blog bout anything just stop talking bout me or sep. im just tired of it. u can do whatever u like na. i know what i know. :D

naintindhan ko sguro ur bitter. kung naghiwalay kami siguro i wont be hearing dos things from u. pero tapos na un. just stop na.



repost this survey as (your name)-ology

Q: What is your salad dressing of choice?
A. dizon's oriental or cesar with white mustard

Q: What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
A. kfc

Q: What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
A. why? are there resto where u stand up? hm.. gerrys

Q: On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant?
A. 10-20 pesos..im just a student.. but i usually give coins to waiters, guards n gas boys etc

Q: What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of it?
A: lasagna of edna's cakeland

Q: What are your pizza toppings of choice?
A. mozarella! ilove cheese! onions, pineapple, mushroom, pepperoni n ham

Q: What do you like to put on your toast?
A. cream cheese


Q: What is your wallpaper on your computer?
A: bart swimming naked.. trying to grab ah krusty dollar bill

Q: How many televisions are in your house?
A. 2


Q: Are you right-handed or left-handed?
A. right

Q: Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
A. none as of the moment

Q: What is the last heavy item you lifted?
A. laptop

Q: Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
A. gin n zombie.. fell asleep at the ladies cr.. how embarrassing


Q: If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
A. nope..i want it to come as a surprise.. i wanna enjoy my remaining days without worry

Q: If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
A. haha i used to like the name nicole..

Q: What color do you think looks best on you?
A. red or green

Q: Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?
A. plastic, paper, eggshell.. hair??

Q: Have you ever saved someone’s life?
A. hm.. i dunno.. maybe when i managed not to bump into a person back in college.. lol.. hm.. when im a doctor ill do my best to save as much lives as i can...

Q: Has someone ever saved yours?
A. hm.. maybe..


Q: Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?
A. y not? :p

Q: Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000
A. and how much does reattaching it cost?? no way?

Q: Would you never blog again for $50,000?
A. hm maybe

Q: Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000?
A. hm.. higher...:p

Q: Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
A. what brand??hm.. i might get hemorrhoids:p

Q: Would you, without fear of punishment, take a humans life for $1,000,000?
A. nope..i cant


Q: What is in your left pocket?
A. my shorts dont have a left pocket

Q: Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?
A. never heard of it.. hm?

Q: Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
A. hardwood

Q: Do you sit or stand in the shower?
A. depends.. i do both

Q: How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
A. 4

Q: Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
A. none so far

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. someone who can make a difference..hm

Q: Who is number 1 on your top 8?
A. mua?


Q: Last friend you talked to?
A. gab

Q: Last person who called you?
A. jac

Q: Person you hugged?
A. joseph

Q: Person you kissed?
A. ? d pa pwde :p


Q: Number?
A. 1

Q: Season?
A: spring.. summer nlng since we dont have spring here


Q: Missing someone?
A. yes

Q: Mood?
A. lazy

Q: Listening to?
A: vanessa hudgens---from our noisy neighbor

Q: Watching?
A. none

Q: Worrying about?
A. prelims...? slight


Q: First place you went this morning?
A. the cr

Q: What can you not wait to do?
A. start reviewing for exam tomorrow

Q: What’s the last movie you saw?
A. sakal, sakali, saklolo..with my mom.. so she can relax nilibre ko :D

Q: Do you smile often?
A: hm.. for pictures.. lol

Q: Are you a friendly person?
A. when i choose to


tito joseph and vince..
we went to vince n guillen's party yesterday.. and i met some of joseph's relatives on his father side. his dad was there as well.
past pics..
at leslie's tagaytay.. we left the windows down so my hair got more unruly as it is.

we went to visit josephs lola and relatives at the historic town of indang, cavite.. we passed by the haunted bridge. i didnt take a shot since we were both scared we might capture something. :p


ok since dak featured happyslip and kevjumba.. ill feature davidchoi instead.. LOL..
actually it intrigues me and i find him funny(davidchoi)..why coulndnt he smile for his fans..? loss of facial muscles for smiling?
here is a video wherein happyslip tries to make him smile.. was she successful? find out for yourself.. he has a good voice.
happyslip is 31 years old already -ive heard..

ive also observed.. is it the common thing in the states wherein people bond according to their race? asians bond with asians.. southeast asians with se asians? caucasians with caucasians? hm.. same as always huh... maybe its just that somehow we can relate more with those races similar to ours... i think there will always be those.. i wouldnt want to call them barriers but maybe.. thats just how things usually go..of course its not always the case. :D


anyways.. back to the topic.. i like these two asians.. i like the video where davidchoi finally was heard laughing while singing.

i had lunch at wok with me with my med classmates yesterday.. dak and i started making kwento bout happyslip.. then we realized that we were the only ones who can relate with what we were trying to talk bout...every1s staring.. haha oh no!! have we become so addicted to the net that we are always updated with these kinds of stuffs??! oh-oh... :p



haay.. i love this song..(kaya nga tadtad na tong blog ko..haha) ok ok.. ill start reviewing na for our exam tomorrow in med 1..


Take this test!

Your mind's strengths allow you to think ahead of the game — to imagine or anticipate what should come next in just about any situation. Because you're equally skilled in the numerical and verbal universes of the brain, you can draw from multiple sources of information to come up with great ideas. The timelessness of your vision and the balance between your various skills are what make you a Visionary Philosopher.

In addition to your strengths in math and linguistics, you have a knack for matching and anticipating patterns. These skills and your uncanny ability to detect the underlying blueprint of most of life's situations add to your Visionary Philosopher mind.
Two philosophers who share the same combination of skills you possess are Plato and Benedict Spinoza. Spinoza had insight into how things worked in the world. He could envision a future based on the patterns he saw in life, and used mathematical logic as a structure within which to present his philosophical arguments. With that base he was able to use logic to formulate his theories. Borrowing from his linguistic strengths he wrote eloquent texts and, therefore, was able to bring his philosophical ideas and structure to the rest of the world. His story exemplifies the talents that are present in the Visionary Philosopher intellectual type.

Whatever you decide to do in life, you've got a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a wide variety of ways. You can expand your mind to understand a situation. Your strong balance of math and verbal skills will help you explain things to others. For example, if you were on an archaeological dig and discovered an object, you could probably use your deductive powers to figure out not only what the object was but also how it was used. Given your ability to put things together, you are more than capable of inventing a life plan that is in synch with your perspective on how things were, how they are, and how they might be one day.

it isnt that accurate.. bit easy.. but still fun.
hehe.. took this test in the past.. i think my score was higher back then.. from 145 to now 142. i know coz i got older.. supposedly intelligence should increase with age right? IQ is inversely proportional with age but i think only up to 18 years old. hehe.. a lot higher than my actual IQ scores in college.. 123 or 121..
not enough for MENSA International.. LOL..
i remember one of our consultant pathologists in veterans memorial medical center when i was still a medtech intern..
Dr. kalangitan- she's a a member and also an officer of Mensa Philippines.. an organization of people with exceptionally high IQ. i remember one time i asked her for the capital of this never heard country and she knew it! haha.. awesome..! she was even featured in fhm.. not for her body but for her brain.. :D

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing..


Dengue fever

this new year really entered in a bang.. en grande.. bongang bonga! a lot of people got sick at the start of the year.. my friend hanna got dengue, together with other two classmates... then dak.. was diagnosed to have a systemic viral infection.. he's still recovering right now.. he was discharged last friday but still felt weak to go to class today... so he missed 3 tests already.. we just hope that he gets well soon.
and then our class president got something as well. at first they thought he had measles.. but then the rashes looked different.. and his rashes started at his right lower extremity , started with cramps.. so i also think measles doesnt really fit the diagnosis...other doctors, a derma concluded that it coul be an allergy.. different diagnosis, different medicines were prescribed and so euge wasnt sure which medication to take.. he already came to school today and they said that it might be a severe allergic response due to an insect bite.. oh.. poor euge.. i hope all of them get much better in the next days to come.

again just yesterday.. my bf's sister was admitted to the hospital coz she also had dengue! she's been having high grade fever(meaning fever with temperature of 40 deg C or more) which was on and off four days- biphasic? hm. anyway.. i told my bf last fri that it could be dengue..if accompanied with head, joint and muscle pain(like bone fractures).. i think they observed her first before finally rushing her to the hosp.. they should look out for the platelet count which usually falls after the fever goes down.. so there.. i was surprised that she was worries because she'll miss school.. hm.. manang mana sa kuya.. i hope she gets well sooner too..

according to harrison's the clinical syndrome of dengue includes:
Headache,,musculoskeletal pain
(“breakbone fever”);leukopenia;occasionally biphasic
(“saddleback”) fever

dengue fever is a disease caused by a flavivirus-dengue virus. it is transmitted by mosquitos-Aedes aegypti..

beware of this mosquito

these mosquitos usually thrive in clean stagnant water.. they are also day biting.. the philippines is a tropical country and dengue is just among of those common diseases endemic here.. usually seasonal-during the rainy season..


im having a migraine attack again.. i think it's already 4th time this week.. also i have painful joints and muscles especially when goin down the stairs i think my knees will give up on me.. and upon waking up a while ago.. i also feel pain on the joints of my hands and feet.. i can feel every connection of bone(haha amazing huh?) hm.. i dunno.. i started feeling these things when i arrived last night..sep n i went to tagaytay and visited his lola in cavite.. next time na pics.. i think im just tired..or i ate too much bulalo.. hehe.. we ate at leslie's nga pala.. hm.. worth it naman.. i dont have fever or any accompanying symptoms though... just the pain... good thing we dont have anythin much to do for tomorrow.. ah we had viro long quiz kanina.. i managed to study this morning naman for the test..the test was a bit difficult compared to the other longquizzes in the past..i didnt study much for the past tests na coz ive been repeatedly encountering those bacteria na since my medtech days. haha yabang! my nape area was really aching when i while i was answering.. hehe.. high blood! thats because of the bulalo.. :p

Jan 9 ,wednesday is quiapo day so no classes along the university belt area.. they'll be celebrating the feast of the black nazarene. devotees will swarm the quiapo area during this time of the year just to touch or catch a glimpse of the nazareno..


Christine Gambito (wikipedia.com)

Christine Gambito, better known to her audience as HappySlip, is an Internet celebrity[1] and popular YouTube content provider. She maintains one of YouTube's most subscribed channels.

In March 2007, Gambito's video Mixed Nuts was nominated for the 2006 YouTube Video Awards for Best Comedy, resulting in the second place to Smosh. In May of the same year, she became one of the first YouTube users accepted into YouTube's revenue sharing program.

Gambito's performances typically include comedy sketches in which she impersonates members of her family. She also sings and plays the piano or guitar. As Gambito has stated repeatedly in her videos, she is notably one of the very few top users acting, filming, editing and producing her shorts completely on her own.

Christine Gambito (wikipedia.com)



this girl is cool.. she is teenie/christine. my cousin jamie gave me a youtube link and so i stumbled upon this gal's video..she's filipina and based in the us. haha.. juz want to share her video with you guys. i wonder if she gets paid for her videos.. she has funny and crazy ideas.. it's good that she stays to her roots.



pictures from baguio

just sum pix last december
inihaw na hito
lucy's ihaw ihaw, talavera nueva ecija

bagoong with calamansi n sili

this is how you eat fish! filipino way.. get ur hands dirty!

some pix from our trip to baguio last december.... for more pix: CLICK HERE
ducklings on the road

view of session rd. from 2nd flr of starbowl dimsums

ukay ukay! :p

part time igorots (mines view park)
the kids at the mansion

the loooong queue for the atm...along session rd our lady of atonement, baguio city


wait did i say somethins wrong with my head lately.. haha i think its been a long time already.. iv reflected on some things while i was on the shower.. i have these plans.. i have these things that i want to say to someone but then.. i dont know how.. everytime we're together im always out of words.. and the things i plan on sayin? hm.. i dunno where they'd gone.. haha.. ok ok.. be back later..



ok ive packed my things.. i should be on my way back to manila.. but im still waitin for my bro.. he borrowed my car and brought it to baguio and and he should be here any moment...
also im waitin for ate nelia our household help.. its wednesday and my car's coding every wed so i should arrive manila before 3pm if i dont want to get caught by the police officers.. hm.. think i wont make it on time.. ill have two toxic days for tom and fri.. vacation's over.. i have a lot of things to do when i get back to manila.. have to study for a quiz and practicals in pathology.. i think a lecture on pharma was also scheduled tomorrow.. im not sure if we'll have a quiz in pharma also tom.. anyway.. i think somethins really wrong with my head lately..

blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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