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laptop crash

my laptop stopped working since last week!
whatta loser.. :p

i know it sucks! no new posts for now..well except for this one. im at the LRU.. i was on my way to the library when i thought of making a short post.
no new episodes of supernatural, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, house, heroes, naruto and bleach for me. this only bothered me for, i think, 2-3 days. that's the withdrawal part. so im not that much of an internet addict. it only gets boring sometimes at home when i can't think of anything else to do aside from studying and reading my books. the good part is that i have more time now to study and do other stuff aside from surfing the net, blogging, chatting and all sorta stuff that i used to do. i strongly believe that this is God's way of letting me put more time in my studies and more important things for now.:p especially this week, we'll be having our final exams.. just 2 more weeks before our 2 week sem break!
what about my laptop? my friend james and his bro albert were super duper nice. they tried everything to fix my notebook but to no avail. they told me that i would have to send my notebook back to HP for a free fix. i just found out that hp recalled some models(DV6000, DV 2000, DV9000 series and also some compaq presario laptops) due to hardware defects and my notebook is included in their list! first, my wifi stopped working several months ago and just last week it went loco and kept restarting every 20 seconds. i still have my broken notebook with me and im not yet sure when i can have it fixed. too busy procrastinating..
dak blogged bout my laptop malfunction on his blog.
i was supposed to blog about a funny incident last week before my computer gave up on me.
i was on my way home, walking towards espanya. i remember climbing the overpass when a girl who goes to the same school, called my attention. she asked me if i had my hair straightened coz it looks lovely. i was like "r u f-ing kidding??" lol.. i felt that my hair looked unkempt and i was rushing to go home that time. i was surprised at first and i didn't know what to say. i even checked the surroundings to see if it was only a prank or a modus of some sort done by pickpockets and their accomplices-but i saw noone. lol.. paranoid? :P
AB girl: "miss, nagpa-straight ka ba?"
cams: ah oo..
AB girl: saan?
cams: tagal na.. sa prov..
AB girl: saan nga? angganda kasi. (smiling)
so i realized, was this stranger really complimenting my hair? was it really an honest to goodness thing?? ha ha.. oh well i said yeah.. i had a hair rebond. she asked where was it done. i said it was doen a long time ago, half a year to be exact.. she asked again where. i told her it was back in the province. i just found it a bit weird that a stranger talked to me just to tell me how much she liked my hair. i felt flattered. :p another funny thing is that just a few mins before it happened, dak asked me what was i going to do if a stranger would come up to me and ask me how was i doin.. if ill answer back or not. i said it depends if he's good-looking.. LOL..

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