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yesterday during pharma discussion, dra ong mentioned that she feels like she's britney while wearing her headset.. then changed her mind coz she doesnt wanna be like britney anymore coz brit has bipolar and substance abuse disorder... so she's more updated than i am.. haha.. anyway someone with a sane mind, even without much medical knowledge can say that indeed there is somethin wrong with her... i think the turnaround happened when she married her backup dancer then had two kids..followed by unending scandals...fights with paparazzis...series of arrests...lipsyncs...horrible performances... embarrassment..questionable boyfriends...hysteria... everything just went downhill for her.... now she has a paparazzi bf, wants to embrace islam and intends to marry him.what could have happened??? well.. we wont really know how other people's minds work... and we shouldnt judge... but anyway..what wasshe thinking???! so she had severe depression..then substance abuse... then now bipolar disorder...

i think she had problems growing up... well everyone has problems..its just that most of us usually rise above them... some do not... support from friends and family is really important... and of course prayers...

also another factor i think that affected her so much was the fame and the attention... i think a lot of stars experience this.. the view from the top is so breath-taking.. so addictive.. so going down could be really painful and difficult for some stars to accept...some couldnt accept that and will do anything just to get back up.. which is really wrong.. when a person has negative thoughts and feelings... no matter how that person tries to look nice.. people will sense it. and itll show.. first thing to do should be to deal with the problem.. accept things that are beyond her control. let go of the negative things and convert those feelings to positive ones..make those feelings constructive rather than destructive..anabolic than catabolic.. haha sounds like dr phil???!

actually i pity her.. oh well.. she needs help.. STAT! im not a britney fan... never was... if she'll ask for my advice ill tell her that it would be better if she rests for a while... poor girl.. she was bout to be casted for a movie "memoirs of a medicated girl" but then the producers didnt want her.. hm.. i guess the society also should stop ridiculing her.. she needs help n acceptance and criticizing her everytime would only worsen her condition....

grabe she looks so haggard...wawa naman


  1. Karen  

    January 19, 2008 at 8:46 PM

    i've seen that photo on E! News earlier. she was shopping for free. and i really think there is a need for her to shop. is that a new style of stockings? the britney style.. i used to like her music back in highschool. but not for long.. she turned too miserable to handle.. poor brit!

  2. dak  

    January 20, 2008 at 12:45 AM

    after the federline marriage, all the bad things happened. it's just sad, i mean how many people who are pretty yet not talented are being accepted by the public? she's very lucky that she (used to) have a lot of fans despite her being unable to sing and the like. but she dances hotly eryt?

    owell, she really needs help.

    who knows? i might be able to save her! LOL.

  3. Camille  

    January 20, 2008 at 6:26 PM

    ei karen not just the stockings... and what she wears.. she definitely looks hm oh well.. i dunno how to describe her really.. she looks miserable... shes doin more and more damage to herself.. so may be she really needs dak. haha.. i think she should help her self first... she should seek help.. and then the reporters n critics also should try to stop swarming round her n observing every mistake she commits... just my two cents.. again m not a fan.. just a concerned citizen.. haha defensive b??

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