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ok ive packed my things.. i should be on my way back to manila.. but im still waitin for my bro.. he borrowed my car and brought it to baguio and and he should be here any moment...
also im waitin for ate nelia our household help.. its wednesday and my car's coding every wed so i should arrive manila before 3pm if i dont want to get caught by the police officers.. hm.. think i wont make it on time.. ill have two toxic days for tom and fri.. vacation's over.. i have a lot of things to do when i get back to manila.. have to study for a quiz and practicals in pathology.. i think a lecture on pharma was also scheduled tomorrow.. im not sure if we'll have a quiz in pharma also tom.. anyway.. i think somethins really wrong with my head lately..


  1. Mark  

    January 5, 2008 at 3:30 PM

    Sorry for the hassle sis... We lost track of time... the kids really enjoyed our last day in Baguio.. Its a perfect sunny day..

    after buying Joseph's Ube Jam at Good Shepherd.. We ate at Solibao (sarap ng food.. next time sama kayo :)) After that myrene and the kids explore Burnham Park and I went to the fleemarket to buy nice jackets for you and your Boyfriend but I failed.. its hard to buy clothes without your sizes...

    Kuya Mark

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