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lost my dog :(

maaga ako nagising ngayon... parang narinig ko kasi tinawag ako ng mom ko.. i got up.. nag-cr.. siguro my mom heard na gising nako.. thats when she told me na nawawala si boyet... our dog.. we looked for him.. pati sa kapit bahay nagtanong kami.. pero wala.. hay ewan ko ba.. im really sad.. 2nd time na kasi namin nanakawan ng dog.. and d lang to 2nd time i lost a pet.. nakakafrustrate.. sana nga namatay nalang.. at least alam ko talaaga nangyari sa knya.. d na ko magwowonder kung ibabalik pa ba sha.. kung buhay pa ba sha or d na.. ayoko din isipin anu pwde gawin sa knya nung kumuha sa knya.. gusto ko magkaron ng superpowers.. hanapin si boyet and turuan ng lesson ung gumawa nun.. kagabi lang kasama ko pa sha bumili sa tindahan.. kaya pala ang sweet nya lately.. aun.. mawawala na pala sha.. naiiyak nako.. :( kaya pala kagabi nagtataka ko bakit parng d ko sha naririnig tumahol..
hay it really makes me sad.. not just for losing boyet.. ung nangyayari sa society.. talaga bang wala na conscience ung ibang mga tao ngayon.. pati ba nmn dog... life may be really hard but it's not an excuse to do bad things.. bahala na nga si Lord sa kanila..
mabebenta pa ba un? anu naman gagawn nila dun?? e angtapang nun sa ibang tao.. d naman pde kainin un.. angliit.. aynako.. ung mga adult na dogs na binebenta sa buy and sell... wag na kau bibili dun..
ayoko na sana magexpect pero deep inside umaasa parn ako na maririnig ko ung tahol nya.. bka naligaw lang or what.. :( mashado ba ko madrama?
ill miss you boyet.......


P.O.W. -prisoner of words unsaid


every little bit hurts..

Every little bit hurts,
Every little bit hurts..

Every night I cry,
every night I sigh,
every night I wonder why
you treat me cold,
yet you won't let me go.

every little hurt counts,
every little hurt counts,
you say you're coming home,
yet you never phone,
leave me all alone,
my love is strong for you,
I'd do wrong for you.
I can't take this loneliness you've given me.
I can't go on giving m life away.

Oh, come back to me,
darling you'll see,
I can give you everything that you wanted before,
if you will stay with me.

Every little bit hurts,
every little bit hurts

To you I'm a toy and you're the boy,
who has to say when i should play.
yet you hurt me, desert me.

Oh, come back to me,
darling you'll see,
I can give you everhything that you wanted before.
if you will stay with me.

Every little bit hurts,
every little bit hurts,
every little bit hurts,
every little bit hurts.


just my 2 cents

whats up with shallow guys and girls anyway?? hm.. i guess im being too harsh by generalizing.. its just that i dunno.. if im annoyed, disappointed or turned off by them. those people who attach certain adjectives to their names such as cute paul or hotkikay3324 etc.. wala lang.. kasi naman how could they do that to themselves.. is that the only way they see themselves..or are they just conceited? i often get invites and messages from strangers and ive observed that they all have something in common.. sa guys naku naman.. super bolero.. tas what do they get ba in collecting girl friends in friendster?? bakt b gnun.. no offense.. i have nothing against the idea meeting people in the net.. its just that it wont work for me e.. mahirap na yun sa panahon ngayon.. andmi manloloko.. if you're destined to meet someone youll meet him in God's time.. sa mga girls naman.. sobrang feminist lang siguro ko.. yoko nadedegrade ang mga babae.. i know our women have more to be proud about.. not just being hot, sexy or slutty.. every girl is different and deserve each man's respect.. siguro wala lang din ako sa mood. haha.. angsungit ko ba?? basta ayun..
anyway siguro d rn ako pwde magalit.. kaya nga friendster.. we meet new people.. ok ok na.. basta spare me the pick up lines nlng ok?? peace!
sem break na pala.. hm.. what to do what to do.. yoko pa umuwi ng prov.. punta pa ko ust ngyn to see our grades,, gotta go..


got it from faye.. ngak.. ms earth ang dating.. haha
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my obsession?

.. been spending a lot of time in my car for the past 2 days.. nd ive been hearing songs and radio shows featuring baby bash..
he sounds cool.. heard him first on boys night out with sam yg, tony tony and slick rick.. they really made me laugh.. also this morning
on my way to school he was interviewed on good times with mo mojo and andi9.. he's really funny and you wont think that
he's as famous or bigatin as he is.. thought he's just a local celeb.. i enjoyed even more when he battled miguel(the kid dj)
in a rap duel... forgot the real term.. miguel was great,, i wonder how old he is.. he sounds really young but he's sharp and
i like that kid.. so der..
again.. havent studied for ob and micro exam.. as in literally nada.. got home at about 12 last night.. then had migraine attack.. so i just slept..
i set my alarm at 4.. supposed to review by that time but when i woke up.. headache was worse so i slept again.. woke up at around 6.. just read.. showered and went
straight to school.. left my phone.. no one to text anyway.. just scanned notes.. borrowed macy's micro notes.. took the exams.. and i survived.. yeah!
although mahirap un OB.. God's still good time.. thank you Lord..
we surprised euge(our class president) after OB exam.. he celebrated his bday kasi. potluck-each subsec brought food.. meron bbq, chips, pizza, drinks, donuts etc..
went home narn afterwards...mga 4pm.. rested a bit.. took a shower.. dressed up and went back to ust.. for the testimonial dinner...
post boards celeb..
now im home again.. obviously.. trying not to think..so i text, check papers... surf.. just dont wana think.. but i know after posting this
ill be thinking of it and nuthin els again.. haha.. hay.. makatulog nalang.. good idea..



"in the hospital, we see addiction everyday..
it's shocking how many kinds of addictions exist..
it would be too easy if it was just drugs,and booze, and cigarettes.
i think the hardest part of kicking a habit..
is wanting to kick it..
i mean.. we get addicted for a reason..

often.. too often..
things that start out as just normal part of your life
at some point, cross the line..
too obsessive.. compulsive.. out of control..

it's the high we're chasing..
the high that makes everything else..
fade away..

the thing about addiction is..
it never ends well..
because eventually whatever it is that was getting us high..
stops feeling good.. it starts to hurt..

still.. they say you don't kick the habit
until you hit rock bottom..
because no matter how bad that thing is hurting us
sometimes.. letting it go hurts even worse.."

mejo kakarelate ako sa sinabi ni meredith. haha.. madrama yata ko mshado e..

aun.. antgal namin nagikot sa galle wala ako nahanap na dress.. wla nakacapture ng attention ko.. haha.. tinatamad ako magblog..

nasa blog ni dak mga pix and video..
sha na ngayon adik sa pagblog..

adik daw ako sa blog. d kaya.. d na nga rin ako check ng friendster e. hehe

finals na pala next week.. grabe ambilis.. tapos nanaman 1 sem.. tapos magchristmas narin..


"a sad irony bout ourselves is that we always know whats right for others while there are certain wrong things we pursue on our own.."


i dont like makati..part2

just got home.. still have to study for our clin path exam tomorrow but look.. i chose to update my blog 1st. :D so we went to joab's birthday party.. prepared by who else? of course his ever thoughtful mamabear ana. sugarmomy ba? haha.. so we went all the way to greenbelt makati to attend a kiddie party at mcdo. :D im happy lucky sep agreed to go. being the lazy one that he is.. eventhough hes not feeling well.. but then we have talked bout na.. i pulled him out of bed.. he pretended to be asleep pa and caught him laughing under the pillow.. yup parng bata.. qt.. hes been joking pa how excited he is.. hehe.. think of it.. going that far for mcdonalds.. but then of course its not bout the food. he usually does not like going to parties.. he's a schizoid.. a hermit..so it really surprised me. weird talaga..
i appreciate it a lot. well anyway we had a hard time finding the place. we both hate makati.. we often get lost.. even sep doesnt know the way... gimikero na un..
actually, the time we spent goin there and way back home took longer than the time we spent at the party. we asked for directions a dozen times..i texted pipi..james..5 to 6 guards.. 3 taxi drivers, 2 jeepneys drivers i think.. haha.. buti nakarating din.. we arrived late.. (nabasa ng ulan.. grabe dami obstacles noh? haha.. for a friend tlga kahit anu.. ill do anything! nax.. wahaha..) they were already having pix taken with mascot of ronald mcdonald. then joab started giving the give aways. i was really hungry so i just ate as soon as we found our seats,, haha yup mga patay gutom kami.. i didnt eat lunch kasi.. so yun.. pipi was there, jed, of course ana, joab etc.. they said i got thinner.. ana's mom said "muka ka nang intellectual" haha dati ba nde? muka lang.. :D pabanjing banjing pa nga lang din.. haha.. we chatted for a few minutes lang.. late narn kasi.. so thats all.. we went home just as the guests left..

ive talked to ana and pipi.. told me im lucky to be studying.. coz its really easier.. i can imagine.. its really difficult to work.. lalo na if its not that rewarding.. i think its part of growing up.. challenges.. hay anyway dont wana think bout it muna.. lots of things to do pa pala.. haha..

blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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