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i love it!

"in the practice of medicine...

change is inevitable...

new surgical techniques are created.

procedures are updated,

levels of expertise increased.

innovation is everything..

nothing remains the same for long.

we either adapt to change..

or we get left behind..


we dont like it.. we fear it.

but we can't stop it from coming..

we either adapt to change or we get left behind..

but here's the truth.. sometimes the more things change..

the more they stay the same..

and sometimes.. sometimes change is good..

sometimes change.. is.. everything.."

ive finally seen greys anatomy season 4 premiere.. love it so much... :D


downloading new episodes..

cant wait to watch the premiere of greys anatomy season 4!
i already saw house season 4 episode 1.. d gnun kaganda.. its much better with foreman, chase and cameron around.. i really love wilson.. :D


freeday friday

i had a very loooong day.. get ready.. haha..

i slept early last night.. didnt bother studying for pedia thinking i have plenty of time the next morning.. i woke up late.. the alarm went off at 530 but i switched it off..i felt really dizzy again when i got out of bed.. grabe as if the world was turning talaga..dont know whats wrong with me.. took a bath at 615..i still managed to watch part of the video i downloaded... 1st episode of private practice.. '(addison from greys anatomy moved to LA..so its a new show), i ate breakfast.. finally left home at 7am.. for my 7am pharma class.. as usual traffic.. i hate driving when there's heavy traffic.. luckily i wasnt late yet.. technically i was.. but the doctor was also late.. dr rodriguez came and just checked our attendance.. he said that what will happen that morning will depend greatly on our attendance.. you see.. the pharma dept likes to punish students.. KJ sila.. hehe.. many were late and absent.. since its med week.. we just practiced writing prescriptions.. i was really dizzy.. we also conducted a survey at the opd..

to make the long story short.. we did nothing really impt..just survey and prescription writing practice. Dr Ang-Gan is consistent.. she's not masunget or anything.. she was even concerned.. kunyare lang kaya? after the short discussion, she dismissed subsect early.. told us to enjoy the last day of med week.. sweet db? hehe.. weird?

after pharma. honey said she'll go to the lib.. i wanted to eat 1st so i went looking for hannah and dak.. but hanna went home to study.. they had 2 exams today btw.. then dak and i ate. i promised that ill quote what he said so here it is..
i saw that he bought a fruitshake.. so i guessed what kind of shake it is..
cam:" wow shake.. anu yan apple?"
dak: yup
cam:"ah.. kaya meron red particles.. balat yun noh"
dak:"yes.. it has everything in it, except the BONES"

haha.. o diba? nagkamali sa pagtranslate sa brain.. bones instead of seeds.. i quoted him already even before he could correct his own statement.. hahahaha.. ayan na! :p

nothing special after lunch.. i only had 1 exam. pedia.. after the last test.. cant go home yet since our prevmed group has a proj and had to meet at 5pm.. ayun nahila nanaman ako ni hanna.., angkulet kasi.. she pulled me.. as in literally.. "pulled" i had no choice but to go with her or else i might lose my arm.. haha.. rhenz went with us. we passed by the hospital laboratory since hanna had to give something to her pathologist friend.. some of our medtech batchmates are already regular staff there.. haay.. another reminder that im getting old..

we went walking around.. and ate at pizzahut.. we just talked and talked.. shared stories, problems, took pictures etc etc.. in short bonding..

we went to the lib after.. and met our groupmates.. weird cause we made the written report for the exposure visit(health facility) when none of us joined to visit.. they divided the group.. those who visited and those who did the written.. haha really wrong right?
anyway thats all.. for now..



haha.. nakakatawa naman.. wala lang.. andaming feedback.. kesho madrama etc etc.. iba iba interpretation. i just dont wanna be bitter.. that post was partly for me and also goes to those who need some waking up.
i know now who frequently visit my blog... effective tracker ko ;)
wla nga pakialaman. if hostile remarks make u feel better then go. but i assure u it doesnt make u look any better.. hate me all you want. i dont care.


my friend hanna.. like me, she likes to sleep. she can sleep anywhere... this picture was taken during our makeup lecture in pharmacology.. we were really tired that time.. it was so late.

see? we're not jus doctors.. we have talent in posing.. papasang movie poster db? look at the love team. :D we have a villain in the middle. a korean girl, a chinese girl.. a kikay on the phone.. another love team etc.


its hard to be uninspired..

is this a disease? a virus perhaps?? i think its contagious.. my brother's been uninspired and sort of "depressed?" lately and i think i got the "flu". haha..
nothing much really.. haay.. im an addict.. i know im lazy and all but this.. has gotten worse.. haha..
i went home early.. i didnt attend our med1 lecture..yup ppl, i cut class.. same thing i did last friday.. and also yesterday.. i didnt attend neuropsych lec as well.. waah.. super tamad nako.. my friend says he's been feeling the same.. a lot of us in class i think somewhat feels similarly in some sort of way.. hehe.. a lot of us were sleeping during OB class.. d lang naman sa OB un.. i managed not to fall asleep..an accomplishment! super groggy ako.. heheheh..kya lang my head began to ache afterwards.. haay. =S
i browsed my old blog..i ready my old entries then i started thinking how much ive changed.. or havn't i? i also saw the pictures i ve taken and posted before.. some of the posts-ican barely remember .. anyway i wish i have my camera.. i have this urge to take pictures and write bout things.. feeling journalist-photographer ba? haha.. hm.. kahit wla interesado tumingin.. wla lang.. i want to travel.. i dont know if im jz stressed or what.. im not sure.. im not even aware if i am stressed right now.. but i know that i want to do something else.. just a short break from med.. i like what i do.. studying, taking tests, reviewing, attending lectures.. but right now i want to experience something different.. anyway.. sem break is near.. ill have a good 2 week vacation.. at least i have something to look forward to.. i want to go to davao.. my friend lives there..
i really feel weird.. hm.. am i relaxed? or just lazy? hm.. i think i already know the answer for that one.. haha.. anyway gotta go.. lots of things to do..


section C music video 2007..
this video reminds us that we should never forget our own identity by conforming to stereotypes.. not just in med but in everything that we do.. yes we are all human beings but within each one of us lies a unique individual.. let's enjoy med life.. :D


yeah.. words have been said already.. damages done.. repeated statements that it's over.. but when will it really be the last time? when would one stop going back and bringing things up..? over and over.. yup.. its really painful.. but thats life.. who said lifes fair? it isnt. its a constant learning process.. every moment you waste lingering in the past is moment of present wasted.. just goes down the drain.. im not just trying to be positive here.. this is my choice..bitterness is useless.. its a one way ticket to self destruction. you still dont see how destructive and distractive it is? well.. ive seen it.. about a million times already..
im sure that everything changes..constantly..continuously.. and this pain.. like everything else, would still go and finally disappear.. such a cliche.. but its true.. this is reality.. thats how the process works.. thats how we get our strength. ive learned that sulking in despair would not stop the world from turning..nor will make life give me what i want.. everything happens for a reason.. but also may be things can happen for no reason at all.. dont you think? anyway acceptance is the key.. get over it.. move on.. enjoy life!! What the heck..

blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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