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IV insertion:surg minor prax

during this execise we were taught how to insert iv lines.

no iv fluids yet. we just had to check for backflow.

noone remembered to bring a tourniquet so we just used our hands and applied pressure manually by grabbing.. LOL

we used the cannula and the butterfly.. i only tried the butterfly. dr regal said that the needles we used were so small and they are usually for babies.

IV lines are mainly used in administering fluids(electrolytes, dextrose), blood products, medications and nutrional components..

IV's are either inserted via the peripheral veins-of the hands, arms, feet and abdomen.. needles are inserted through the skin; central IV lines are inserted in the central or the big veins.. such as the subclavian, jugular and femoral veins.. they are usually used in delivering larger volumes.



procedure: explain the procedure to patient, wash hands, don gloves, apply tourniquet, choose vein and site, disinfect the site, check the needle, bevel should be up,(if cannula make sure needle is inserted in the plastic cannula), stabilize the vein with gentle traction of the skin, insert the needle and cannula into the vein, then release the needle and secure the plastic cannula with tape, release the tourniquet.. flush with saline to check if line is working and patent.

i sacrificed myself.. haha so clara would learn.. nax.. :p

so happy because we just had our last quiz in pharma bout developmental pharmacology.. just 2 more exams and then bye2 pharma department..:D
this is my pharma qz in gonadal hormones:lecture by dra. bongala.. i couldnt believe at first that i got a perfect score coz look how messy my paper is. LOL.. dra bongala is someone who's really OC when it comes to order.. she is the disciplinary officer.. you'll see her not only reprimanding the noisy med students in the corridor but also the nursing and rehab sciences students who share the med bldg with us. she's check ur id everytime.. she hates guys with long hair and stubbles. wala lang.. i was just surprised.. :D yeap..medschool also teaches students to write lke that..ok i admit i have a bad penmanship.. hm but i think i write better in my journal.. :D
i can still do better.



it often makes me think why are there such people who cant seem to understand boundaries.
they're like vultures.. and me? im like a lost dehydrated traveler somewhere in an african desert.. sun baked wrinkled skin.. sunken dry eyes..sallow face.. the face of death..low blood pressure.. thready pulse.. bloated stomach.. exasperating.. fighting for dear life.. fighting death..

im like an immunocompromised host while they are comparable to opportunistic pathogens.. grabbing any opportunity they can find.. waiting for my system to fail..

i know theyre happy when im down.. they rejoice.. hay what the heck.. i just hope that its worth it for them.. :D

is this life? well..for all i care, they can do all they want. i wont stoop down.. i have a life. its just saddening that some people are capable of doing such things.. may be im just not like that..im too honest.. hm.. im being too righteous but thats me e.. ill be happy. im still not sure what the future holds for me. no matter what i might face in life, i know God always has a plan. Bahala na si Lord.. ive done my part. i hate complexities.. i hate lies..I know ill be alright.


american adobo

kinda busy ryt now..2 quizzes in patho-bone/soft tissue patho n cns patho.. plus my med prax tomorrow.. and pharma long exam on fri.. so since it's my break time, ill just share this video to you(from kate pau) for now.. enjoy! :D



i missed my mom and so i texted her last night.. she visited me today.. hehe

she came all the way from Nueva Ecija.. She'll be back this week coz my brother will be celebrating his 21st bday..

We just had lunch at Napoli- Timog..

the food was great. during the entire meal both of us just kept coplimenting the food..

and that was kind of weird.. haha.. we are critics really.. but we loved it. i remember the movie ratatouille... Ego was a food critic.. he is thin and looked sickly but claimed to love food.. he's considered as the ultimate food critic and was feared by everyone..chef's lives were ruined once criticized by him. but then when he tasted Remy's(the rat), he couldnt help but praise the food.. and so he lost his credibility for being honest.... ironic..

and so back to the story.. i used my phone camera so the pix are a bit darker..

Appetizer- Napoli's Family Platter--french fries, potato cheddar balls, crab roll(?); dips: ranch and i forgot the red one.. i think its salsa.. hm.. chicken ceasar salad.. my favorite so i usually order it in restaurants

its good.. Mary Grace Cafe's ceasar salad is also good.. plus the apple cinnamon iced tea.. :D
spaghetti and meatballs... i was thinking of ordering carbonara but my mom chose this.. a bit bland for me.. but tastes healthy.. i prefer this over italliani's spag and meatballs.. price is around P250-

Napoli's special pizza.. if ill be asked to describe it, it tastes similar to shakey's manager's choice pizza.. but this one's better bec ull be fooled by the crust.. the crust is actually thin and just fully laden by ground meat!

do we look alike???? hm..?

my dad also visited me 2 days ago.. he seldom does.. one of those things that happen once every blue moon.. we ate at shaolin tea house(formerly david's tea house).. i think the business partners who owned the chain of this chinese restos had an argument and so they separated ways.. haha.. chismosa noh..

i was also glad my dad finally replaced my almost 4 year old phone! yup.. 4 years old.. but it was still working when i replaced it... i wont give it away or even sell it.. lots of sentimental value..and i think it would be worthless.. for them!:p but for me it's priceless.. (literally? haha) i think ill just tuck it away in a safe place... :p

my new buddy.. Sony Ericsson P1i- overall i think it's really nice.. i love it.. nice value.. not that expensive for a fully-packed phone.. cant see any downside though.. all ups for me. nice features..touch screen, plays music, 3.2mp camera.. pretty decent..has autofocus, compact design, has fm radio(i love listening to radio talkshows..) etc.. qwerty keypad will take me time to master.. my fat fingers have difficulty pressing the keys..all i get are jumbled letters..
i was really waiting for the sony ericsson w960i but my dad was so excited that he bought this for me. he thinks i deserve it daw.. for being a good girl.. LOL.. :D


surgery minor prac.. friday, 10 am
bad hairday..

i was again late..

may be just in time.. :p

arrived after doc..

we just had another fun time with dr regal..

no pressure...

so how to correctly apply a bandage?? for dislocated joints, sprains, etc...?


a bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint or on its own to provide support to the body. so when a applying a bandage, whe want to immobilize the injured joints.. so we pull the bandage towards the opposite site of injury..

we looked like a bunch of injured soldiers..

suji.. figure of 8 bandage of wrist and shoulders

ankle-figure of 8 bandage

kat and hani
velpeau bandage of arm

si madam hanna at ang bolang kristal...
(hanna's attempt to make a recurrent bandage of the egg.. este head pla..)
NEXT WEEK: IV insertion...
have never been hospitalized so i dont know yet how it feels to have a line inserted in my veins.. no chance of me volunteering.. haha i guess..
maybe its similar to donating blood..ive tried donating several times already..painful but tolerable.. eversince, i preferred being the one holding the needle than the other way around..


mr. cfad made my day

iam about to start reviewin for patho.. but i saw oliver's multiply site and saw the pictures from last night's ideal thomasian personality pageant... ok.. my bet won.. hay... grabe i have a new crush... :D mr cfad-the new mr ideal thomasian personality 2008-mr. david chua.. may be ill wait tomorrow at the gazebos in front of the Beato Angelico (archi/CFAD bldg)... i might get lucky.. LOL... angtanda ko na... :p magkakasala ako nito... ash wed pa nmn... ok aral time na.. :D


Ash Wednesday

ok today is feb 6, ash wednesday.. i woke up with a message from kat telling me that it's ash wednesday today..its expected, as a catholic, i should fast n abstain.. but guess what i had for breakfast... TOCINO! haha... so no choice but to eat meat... i believe that it really doesnt matter if u eat meat or not..thats just my opinion. what matters most is u are able to reflect on your life.. transgression.. we pray and it's best if we know how to sacrifice. i might eat meat but ill "give up" something that i really love to eat or do so i wont eat that food that i love or do something that i really enjoy..desserts, television, blogging? so it depends on each person.. if that person loves to study then i guess for this day he or she could stop studying.. :D id also try doing something good for others. haha.. seriously... another and most important thing is repentance.. of course just like everyone else.. i am not perfect.. i also make mistakes.. a lot of them actually...:D

ash wednesday signifies the first day of Lent..catholics have their foreheads dusted with ash with a shape of a cross as a sign of penitence.. it signifies how we are sorrowful of our sins.. the ashes used are usually made from burned palms from the previous year's palm sunday and holy water.

did you know that marriages are discouraged during this time of Lent?

Lenten Regulations

Persons who have reached the age of 14 are required to abstain from meat.
All persons between the ages of 18 -59 are required to fast.

Fast = one full meal is allowed. Two other meals, sufficient to maintain strength, may be taken according to each one's needs, but together should not equal one full meal. Eating between meals is not permitted; but liquids, including milk and fruit juices, are allowed.

Abstinence = no meat is allowed.

Ash Wednesday fast and abstinence February 6, 2008
Good Friday fast and abstinence March 21, 2008
Fridays in Lent abstinence

Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.
(Latin: Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.) – Genesis 3:19

Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel. – Mark 1:15

Repent, and hear the good news. – Mark 1:15
we went to the opd chapel after class and got our foreheads dusted too.. these were taken at the bridge of the med bldg and USTH clinical division.

clara, james and jac
james, cams and jac



ill just include this song.. coz i love it.. does it really matter if the song applies to me or not? wel.. i guess not.. whether it speaks of my life or not i dont care...LOL.. i really love this band.. my friend benjie introduced them to me several years back..hm.. fell in love with "Come", "Give", "New tatoo" and "First of Summer". urbandub is a Cebu-based band. they've been around since late 2000 and been gainign nationwide attention eversince.. members: Gabby Alipe (vocals, guitars, main songwriter), John Dinopol (guitars), Lalay Lim (bass) and John Mendoza (drums)

urbandub:john m,lalay,john d and gabby

last time i watched them play... i was really in awe..they look 10X better in person .. they were really good.. And Lalay was really cute in bass...she was rockin it. john mendoza, the drummer was really sweaty that time but still he was so sexy... haha... grabe.. ok so more luck to urbandub! i love you guys.. :D


inspire me.

suddenly.. i lost the will to write..hm.. anyone care to inspire me once more? treat me to a movie.. send me a gift.. give me money.. leave a message.. ring me..write me a comment..load up my fon..renew my visa.. wash my car.. wax my car.. clean my room.. buy me a book.. sing me a song.. dance for me.. treat me dinner.. let me me meet and greet happyslip.. see.. im easy.... :)

hay.. i would just like to say sorry.. to hanna, dak, jac, carlos and james.. sorry.. if u feel that i stood u up last night..naku im sure u talked about me last night.. im not really an indian.. its just that something happened.. and i still feel really bad.. again.. i was trapped.. kidnapped.. what was i supposed to do? d ako nagpakidnap noh.. still dont know.. i was supposed to go to serendra with friends.. that was really intended for me pa nman..

my bro left his 3 kids with me.. i think he has to take care of some business here in manila so he'll just pick up his kids tomorrow. ok i think i can babysit and study for med practicals.. i think i can PE the kids.. haha.. i just hope that they cooperate and we wont end up playing the whole day.. its nice to have them during this time.. takes my mind away. :D

definition of pinoy slang:
indian-someone who doesnt take a bath.. kidding.. someone who does not attend or absents himself in a meeting.. hm.. may be i am one.. haha

blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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