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im having a migraine attack again.. i think it's already 4th time this week.. also i have painful joints and muscles especially when goin down the stairs i think my knees will give up on me.. and upon waking up a while ago.. i also feel pain on the joints of my hands and feet.. i can feel every connection of bone(haha amazing huh?) hm.. i dunno.. i started feeling these things when i arrived last night..sep n i went to tagaytay and visited his lola in cavite.. next time na pics.. i think im just tired..or i ate too much bulalo.. hehe.. we ate at leslie's nga pala.. hm.. worth it naman.. i dont have fever or any accompanying symptoms though... just the pain... good thing we dont have anythin much to do for tomorrow.. ah we had viro long quiz kanina.. i managed to study this morning naman for the test..the test was a bit difficult compared to the other longquizzes in the past..i didnt study much for the past tests na coz ive been repeatedly encountering those bacteria na since my medtech days. haha yabang! my nape area was really aching when i while i was answering.. hehe.. high blood! thats because of the bulalo.. :p

Jan 9 ,wednesday is quiapo day so no classes along the university belt area.. they'll be celebrating the feast of the black nazarene. devotees will swarm the quiapo area during this time of the year just to touch or catch a glimpse of the nazareno..


  1. Ronald  

    January 10, 2008 at 7:10 AM

    I'd like to borrow some of those Black Nazarene pics... I need to come up with a new article on my blog.. (^^,) Thanks!

    As artists think alike...

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