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a few days back, ive heard from the radio(RX 93.1) about this study/survey...theyve compared the performance of those students who study all night and those who study at night but are still able to have some sleep. they have concluded that according to stats..

those who don't study all night long have higher averages than those who study all night long..

we think ur minds are working at 2am but not really. how can u effectively study if you're sleepy right? they say sleep improves memory.
also, lack of sleep can alter ur performance really bad..! so sleep! and don't forget to eat breakfast.. its the most important meal of day! :P and take ur vitamins!
hm but then again. what doesnt work for someone may really work for someone else.. so still case to case basis. well.. me? i prefer to sleep when im sleepy.. :D

exams week is finally coming to an end.. hm.. but being a med student.. exams are part of our everyday lives. i believe it is important to have study habits but then to each his own. we do whatever works for us.. usually i take breaks from time to time to refresh. do u know that according to studies the maximum time that we can really pay our complete attention to something is average of 2 hours..? so studying or listening to a lecture for longer periods may not be efficient.. it's nice to stretch or grab a bite from time to time. also in my opinion.. (coz it works for me) it is important that im in the mood.:D does that mean im a crammer? hm.. i dunno.. another important thing. u should know how to handle ur time, budget it. being so laid back really has its disadvantages. i still wish that sometimes i can be like my other classmates who are so diligent.. and super responsible.

dont be too grade conscious.. exams don't measure who u really are. what's important is that u learn something and u know how and when to use that acquired knowledge..

just do ur best! and enjoy life coz each moment is a time spent that u can never get back! :D


  1. Em Dy  

    January 17, 2008 at 10:21 PM

    Thanks for the visit.

    And remember these when you take the medical boards:
    1. Sleep early the day before the test.; 2. Stop studying and 3. Do something relaxing.

  2. redpl8  

    January 18, 2008 at 1:06 PM

    i usually take a walk around the house (yep, paikot ikot ako sa loob ng bahay)after 15 minutes of non-stop studying. then, after a while, i go back to my study station of the moment, and study again.

    when my mind starts to wander, i just gotta stop studying. i'd always crave for a break.

  3. Cata  

    February 25, 2008 at 9:01 PM

    She's right... I'm a night-person. I have more energy, only after 7pm. But I only study up to 12. After midnight, I've gotta go to sleep. I've got big amounts of energy in the morning, just like in the evening... (just don't check up on me at around 2-3pm. I might be as lazy as possible). So yeah... I agree sleep at least 8hrs/night and enjoy your life ;)

  4. Anonymous  

    February 15, 2010 at 11:13 PM

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