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it's always nice to unwind after a long and tiring week.. haay..! i love weekends, especially friday nights! not because of the night outs, parties or drinking sessions.. im not really the type who goes out a lot (considering im allergic to alcohol and get migraine whenever i sniff cigarette smoke). KJ?:p i turn red all over and my heart palpitates with just half a bottle of beer! one time i almost fell asleep in a ladies room because i drank too much zombie! :S anyways.. i like friday nights bec of the thought that you wouldnt be needing to think about what you'll be doing on saturday mornings. i can freely sleep as long as i want to and procrastinate all i want...lolz..bad habit? is it bec im too lazy? i just know how to handle my time well(?). resting and relaxing is important for me as a student. im just like a batt that needs recharging from time to time. i think everyone, not just students but also those who are working already, should always find time to enjoy and also take care of their social life and not just work, work and work! i have classmates who are like that. i dont know how but maybe that's where they get their energy from-such workaholics! :)
and i'm doin a lot better now-in school and handling some of my long overdue personal probs.. im doin well with my quizzes and fortunately, managed to regain some of my lost dignity and pulled my prev test scores back up. important thing that i have learned is not to let such problems and toxicities get into me. just relax, take a deep breath.. and enjoy the ride. frequently worrying just adds up more bad than good.

i've neglected my blog for a while there. it was only a few days ago when i noticed some errors with my page.. lol.. i also lost my dsl connection for more than a week.. due to some unknown reason, the router stopped working.. it was only yesterday that i had the time to call bayantel and fix the prob..life's like that-always full of trials and challenges. i strongly believe that we shoul also be thankful bout them bec without them, life will be really boring. problems make us stronger-face them bravely. it's comparable to an immune system. the more you are exposed to certain antigens, the more competent your immune system becomes. another example could be the bones suspended to trauma. repeated slight trauma may cause slight injuries to the bones but this causes continual repair and makes the bone even stronger. ok.. im having a flight of ideas here.. LOL..

before i say more, ill just end it here. the rain had finally stopped. time to go to the gym! :)

ice cream tastes a lot better when it's free!
PS Congratulations to my dear brother, Michael, who just passed the last Nursing Board Exams! I'm really proud of you! a lot of people texted me telling me that my bro passed and it's as if I was the one who passed the Boards.. he he!

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i can't stay long so i just posted some pictures for today. i'm not doing so well right now.. med school's toxicity is getting into me.. have to exert more effort or i'll keep getting failed quizzes.. no room for more mistakes. haay.. im just venting... i feel so down.. it really makes me feel bad when i spent so much time reading my books and reviewing my notes but still i can't seem to figure out why i get the grades that i get these days. they are really shocking.. im getting them regularly now and they still they never fail to shock me! i've given so much but it seems that they still aren't enough..hm..radio, med and psych are my main probs right now.. how can they be so difficult??! oh well! it's never too late. i hope that what i'm going through is part of adjustment(of all the time, i'm adjusting now im in 3rd yr?? :S). now that i think of it, we only started third year a month ago but it already felt like eternity.. so much to do in so little time. now i believe med school's HARD!
don't worry guys! i can manage.. i'll never give up! ill just catch up with you guys soon! bye for now...

P.S. while i'm out, try to read our class president's blog-EUGENE.. i don't know how he always finds time for everything. :)

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Photohunt: Support


who's supporting who?
we are each other's "emo" support

these photos were taken last may, back home.. at Lakewood.
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my current craving..

you want one too? they are called gyros/shawarma, keema gyros to be specific.
they are really good!

i think the real gyros(from greece) is made from lamb, if i'm not mistaken. same as the shawarmas served in the middle east. (grilled tomato)

special note: i want to extend my thanks to mr. hanson go of thewi thai massage for giving me a free massage. well it was not him who gave me the massage personally.. lolz.. i was surprised one night when he sent me a PM telling me about the free massage. i couldn't believe at first. mr. go found my post about thewi when he searched google. i'm glad i made someone happy through blogging bout the things i love. :)

the thewi staff were really nice and accomodating. i can still remember the scent of their place.. really aromatic , refreshing and super clean. i lost count how many lysol cans and mr muscle cleaner sprays they have in their CR's. hehe.. i have this thing about CRs. if an establishment has a really nice and clean CR, often times, i'd like their place. :)

thanks thewi for pampering my body, mind and soul.. i'll be back soon! :)


some random photos from the previous weeks
(were taken using my phone's cam)....

wack-wack driving range with my college friend, meg.

starbucks doesn't look very appealing from this angle..
everywhere you go, it seems that a lot of construction is going on along the roadsides..
is it good or bad? i just hope they finish them quickly. the sidewalks in our street is barely finished..and it's been months.. :-/?

according to the sales lady, these "elepants" were from thailand..

i frequently see this old man walking near our street every morning. it's not difficult to spot him because he dresses differently but familiar. he somewhat looks like Elvis Presley. the hair, the boots, leather pants, jacket and the shades (in our country's weather??) would never fail to catch your attention..i wonder where he goes.. is that what he wears to work? :p
i was driving by one AM when i thought of taking his picture.. you think he saw me? :p

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photohunt: pointed

i have two photos for this week! :)
sea urchins

kimi's pointed ears :)

i apologize if my photos are not that clear..

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blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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