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Photohunt: ME

this is my first try for photohunt. this week's theme is ME or a part of me.
so here it is...
-taken last december in baguio-

this is me as a mountain princess/igorot warrior.. kinda confused. lolz
i'm a fun-loving person. i'm willing to try anything. what do you think? :)


rain, rain go away!

it's raining again. i don't like it when it rains... especially late in the afternoon and evening..


first, because it's dark, it's gloomy and wet. i don't like getting my feet wet.

i end up staying at home, eating.. so it's fattening in a way. lol..
the rain is often linked with melancholy.. with depression. i wonder why.. is there a scientific explanation behind that?
the raindrops are like tears of heaven..as if the sky is weeping.
am i being pessimistic? but then, tears could either be due to sadness or joy, right?
for me, it's saddening. period. more so when i'm alone at home.
the sound of thousands of drops hitting the roof and pavement somehow brings out that emptiness i try to hide within.. oh well, i can manage. this too shall pass.. just like everything in this temporary world, sadness is transient. there are still things i like about rain though.. and that's when it stops. the surroundings are fresh and quiet. the end of the rain symbolizes new hope and renewed life..
rain isn't all that bad. just like our problems and trials, we need them all in order for us to grow as individuals. we have to overcome our own rain once in a while. we can make it through the rain.. lol. :D

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i want one! hm.. make it two.. or maybe three.. lol!

hay it's really hard to choose if you happen to want all of them. if i only have the moolah. hehe.. i can be a reseller but i think im not really a born entrepreneur.. hehehe... im too lazy. if im gonna have a business.. ill be needing an assistant to take care of the inventory and deliveries.

ive been seeing a lot of shirts similar to this one..i almost bought one a few months ago but the reseller ran out of the design that i wanted-"tired of meeting mr. wrong". you'll see a lot of girls wearing this around the metro.. showing a drawing of a little girl with captions like-little miss mataray,little miss maldita and other shirts like say no to no, save the tarsier, almost famous etc.. their designs are so simple yet really cute. they are quite affordable too. no wonder their shirts sell like pancakes. :D

they also added some school spirit to their shirts, which i think is a very good business strategy.. they have little miss knoller, litle miss assumptionist, growling tiger, maroon and a whole lot more.

you can order online, through text or phone and they'll have the shirts delivered straight to your doorstep. neat huh? :D you can also do it the old fashioned way and go to greenhills to choose your shirt personally. they also make customized shirts(minimum 50 shirts).

a job well done. i wish i can have a business as successful as that. first, i need an assitant.. who wants the job? :p


so 100th post ko na pla to.. 100th post palang? i wanted to make this post extra special but i cant think of anything else to write...

i just want to wish my brother, Michael, the best of luck. our bunso will be taking the nursing board exams this coming week. sana naman magrelax sha.. lage na kasi nate-tense.. palakad-lakad sa bahay. lage may hinhanap.. basta bro, kaya yan.. punta ka kay st jude. :D magdala ka kahit 4 na pencil para d ka na tasa ng tasa.. at ingat sa pagshade ah! bawal erasure.. concentrate lang. alam ko malaking hirap talga dinanas niya. sa pagpila palang sa PRC.. lahat naman ng pila ng nursing mahaba. lahat na yta ng tao makita mo 7 out of 10 eh nursing ang course.. pati dentista at doctor nagnunurse narin! nakasabay na namin mga nursing dati sa PRC. kelngan na nga yata nila ng sariling PRC. hehe..basta mike, makakamit mo rin ang titulong RN. pagbutihan mo!


pinning ceremony at the araneta..
(to think that this is just one school!)

ive heard that the PRC had estimated about 80000 to 100000 examinees will take the nursing board this june. whew! that's a lot! already considering the large number of nursing graduates every year, another contributor for this increasing number examinees is the low passing rate of nurses. with a national passing rate of more or less 50%, the number of examinees just keep on accumulating. i hope the gov't would do something about this soon enough, starting on improving the quality of education in our country. some nursing schools should focus on teaching their students rather than earning money.

the board exams will take place on june 1 and 2.

the results will come out after 3 months, maybe late August.

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last friday, we went to manila to visit my little bro, mike(who isnt that little anymore..maybe a bit short.. but he is a big boy already. lol :D). we also dropped ate myrene and my pamangkins off at the jac liner bus terminal.. they'll be spending a few weeks in marinduque. im thinking of following them and spending a few days there. still thinkin bout it..
---current thought--- oil price hike!!
gas stations do what they do best.. mabilis pa sa kidlat (trans:faster than lightning) when it comes to raising their prices. gas prices increased again for the nth time!! price today is 51.92! waah..!
no more money for gas.. rumors say that gas prices may even reach as high as P100/liter! OMG?! if this continues, people will stop goin out and travelling will really be a luxury just for the rich... and not just that.. as oil prices go up, so as the prices of other commodities. maybe ill get a bike or a scooter.. :D we have to save energy.. but how??

during these stressful times, it is important that we find places offering good food and services to pamper our body and soul, and yet still are pocket and wallet-friendly.. :D

one saturday, i showed philos' site to my mom and showed her this thewi thai massage place.. my mom loves massages. the blind masseurs along shoppesville, the massage chairs, machines, massaging belt and home service massage, she had tried them all. :D and so i shared this place ive read about.

Grilled Tomato
we were too early for thewi so we decided to have lunch first at Grilled Tomato-Banawe ave. a classmate's bf is a part-owner of this resto so class gatherings and dinners are frequently heldhere. they serve mediterranean-middle eastern cuisine-particularly keema, kebab and gyros.

their new store at ma. clara cor banawe ave

very affordable and tasty meals

roti bread with curry sauce (must try!)

special milk tea

ox brain-kakasa ka ba? hehe

beef kebab meal-served with curry rice and iced tea
my mom said it tasted like longanisa(filipino sausage)

beef keema with curry rice
i suggest you try their milkfish masala and nutti roti. :D

Thewi Thai Massage

thewi thai massage is located at d. tuazon ave cor ma. clara, just across st. theresa's college.
as we entered their reception area, we noticed the smell of peppermint.. really aromatic.

they offer different types of massage. as you can see, prices are very affordable. the staff here are very nice and friendly. i noticed that most of their customers are chinese. why? i dunno?

as you wait in the reception area, they bring you this basin with lukewarm water, soap and moisturizers. they wash your feet in front of everybody and gives you a pair of these numbered slippers..

see? nice noh? i hope they are clean.. hehe..

after getting your feet cleaned up, they'll lead you upstairs to these nice cubicles with comfy mattresses. you'll be asked to change in pajamas they provided.

it was a very relaxing experience. my mom told me that she fell asleep because she really felt good. the massage will really stretch every muscle fiber and loosen up your tight joints. unlike the other massage wherein you'll feel beaten up right after like tenderized meat, thai massage is rejuvenating, relaxing without the tired feeling right after. thai massage focuses more on stretching the muscles, therefore, improving our circulation. really good value! i highly recommend it! :D

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a few days ago, my mom asked me to come with her on a roadtrip to tarlac.. she said she wants to eat at fortune 'cos she's been wanting to try their peking duck for a very long time now. im her personal alalay assistant/driver this summer so i cant complain. she's the boss.

tarlac city is just less than an hour away from where we live.. i, on the other hand, thought it would be great to try and hit two birds with one shot. i could also drop by euge's place to get the puppy he promised. their house is actually just a stone throw away from fortune seafood restaurant.
green tea and warm towel

sweet sauce and chilli
peking duck
pork siomai

my mom was a bit disappointed. she said she still likes the peking duck she used to eat in new york. she said they used to drive all the way from jersey to NY chinatown to this small chinese resto serving the best mushu she's ever tasted. i like fortune's cr though. smelled really clean.. lol.. i also liked their hot towel. :p

this is my new puppy, kimi bean.. eugene lao (our class president) gave him to me. Euge was really busy manning their store when we arrived so we never really got the chance to have a chat.. he just gave me the dog then we took off..

our (kimi and me) very first meeting was kinda funny coz the moment euge gave him to me, he peed on my hands! haha.. i'll fatten him up. :)

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i opened google earth..i saw the whole world..then i thought, this place holds billions of people.. strangers.. people i have never met and i think i will never ever know.. a lot of places left unseen.. i have to travel... haay!

i zoomed.. found manila...zoomed again.. found the places i had marked previously.. landmarks..our house.. and also yours..

i tried to trace the way to your place.. lol and there i was.. looking at the roof of your house.. waiting for you to come out any moment now.. as if!:p
take care earthling..

i feel like an alien.. hm.. so this is how it feels like.. lol..

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exotic bugs

it's the month of may and rainy season has started.. it only means that it's once again salagubang season. according to the old folks, they normally live in the ground..that's what they told me.. but ive also heard that some live in trees. (hm.. are they the same species? i dunno.. hehe.) they say that these insects move out of their nests, after the first heavy rain following summer..so you see a lot of these insects flying and buzzing around the fields after the ground gets wet.. i tried to come along and catch some of these insects a long time ago but i just got scared.

salagubang or june beetles are considered pests.. they eat and damage crops.. but in laur, nueva ecija, they're eaten as an exotic delicacy by locals. in the near provincial cities.. these beetles cost a lot.. 400 pesos/ kilo. my lola makes very tasty adobong salagubang(sauteed in garlic, onion, tomato, soy sauce n vinegar).

want some? :)

are you game enough?:p

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i heart my mom

philos of chicken mafia tagged me.. this was supposed to be done to commemorate the recent mother's day.. i would like to show all my love and appreciation to my mom..

hi mom! THANK YOU! for always understanding me.. i know im hardheaded and all.. sorry for all the headaches that ive given u.. i know ive given u a lot. thank you for not giving up and always staying by our side.. thank you for loving us no matter how imperfect we are.. hehe.. we love you soo much and we wish you all the happiness you deserve..you're the best! bow.. :)

our mothers really are the light of our homes.. without them.. life would really be different.. haay i wouldnt want to hink about that.. im just really glad that i have my mom! moms really are source of many good things..they care, they give, they provide.. oh the comfort they give! nothing else can compare to that! now, it's payback time!! i owe my mom a lot.. i owe her my life.. so here is a simple thing that i made especially for you mom! :) we love you!xoxoxo! :*

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bubba gump

my brother's complaining and been asking me what happened to my blog and when ill be creating another post..so here it is.. :p

just several days after the spot resto tour, i went back to trinoma to dine, but this time with my mom.

i was a bit surprised that the waiters at cyma and haiku recognized me while we were exploring the trinoma park for a place to eat. we stopped by haiku first and showed the menu to my mom.. i saw these 3 waiters giggling inside the resto.. one of them went out and assisted us.. he asked me if i loved the food that they let me take home a few days back.. lol.. i said yeah.. i loved the fried maki and salad with a japanese vinaigrette of some sort.. a cute waiter from cyma also remembered me.. we were still about 20 meters away from cyma but i already caught him smiling.. it was funny and embarrassing at the same time.. haha.. i dunno but i was really shy that time.. haha.. they told me that they remember me as one of those bloggers who toured the restos. according to them, another blogger had also came back already and ate with his family.

we had lunch at bubba gump.. we both ordered the speckled lemonade. my mom chose scallops and shrimp penne pasta.. i wanted fish that time so i ordered salmon n' veggie skillet...i love salmon! another choice would be mahi-mahi to go with the veggie skillet.. but i had never tried that fish yet so i settled with salmon just to be safe. besides, it's one of my fave fishes..:)

speckled lemonade with strawberries

penne past with shrimps and (mini/baby) scallops

salmon n veggie skillet

two thumbs up for the food! excellent taste.. interesting presentation.. a bit pricey but serving is large and is good for sharing. :) nice cozy place.. bubba gump is now one of my faves.. cant wait to try forrest's shrimp net catch and stuffed shrimp.. lol

i like this decor.. i thought the bottles of hot sauce could be used..
i tried to get one but they were all glued.. :p

my mom -wearing forrest's shoes, his suitcase and box of chocolates..

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blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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