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i watched this movie 4 days ago.. my brother was the one who downloaded it.. the movie was dvd quality.. uh oh.. is it illegal? ok ok.. anyway it's not showing here yet.. my bro told me that he found the movie ok.. so i watched it.. i wont say much coz i dont wanna give spoilers.. the movie was ok for me.. i just didnt like the ending much.. and im also not that fond of those movies.. im afraid of zombies.. of humans turning into monsters.. so what's the movie about? it tells about a military doctor. .played by will smith.. he was a virologist.. you see.. there was an outbreak. and the source? well.. a cancer treatment gone loco.. so the result? go figure.. u know resident evil and have you watched 28 days later?? i really hate zombies.. im afraid of them.. haha.. im afraid of those slow walking zombies, what more if they run? haha..


we, filipinos are just too superstitious aren't we? every year we hear everyone saying that they'll change for the better. they say they'll change this and that.. the bad habits.. laziness etc etc..
but when we come to think of it, how many of us really hold on to those promises? my kuya said he'll stop smoking.. but it's been four years.. four new years.. four chances but he'll keep on saying that next month he'll stop nad the next month after that.. and it's new year again.. my mom even told him that she'll write him a check if only he'll stop.. i think he stopped for some time.. he got the check.. and after a few months he'll smoke again.. do we really change? hehe who knows?? we should just try and try until we finally get things right.. im still hopeful..
i'm not really into new year's resolutions myself.. because i think i might not really fulfill them.. so i just hope.. i strive.. i dont like to make promises.. unless im sure i can achieve them.. i play safe?? less pressure..
anyway.. ill try to be more patient.. less sulking.. whining.. complaining.. :D i just wanna be happy.. anything goes.. when i have problems.. when i worry and when i feel sad, i just think of this idea: if there is a problem and i can do something about it, i do something bout it and do my best to make things better.. but if i cant do anything bout it.. if it's beyond my control then why should i still worry, right?? it would only be a waste of time. just let it be.. let it die on its own.. :p eventually it'll get tired.. life changes.. things change. ill just let time fix it for me.
ok so i realized i wanted to try attending victory church.. it's a born again church.. i remember my cointerns during our medtech internship.. we were four in a group and one of us was a converted born again christian.. during our 24 hour duty we''ll listen to this born again station. i can say that it was really peaceful.. my mom used to attend their worship in greenhills san juan.. and she'll see kc concepcion, gary v and sharon cuneta(local celebs) there.. she didnt go there to see the stars FYI.. hehe.. she used to ask me to come with her but i never did.. now i want to try to go there.. anyway i dont want to be converted.. im happy being a catholic its just that i want to nourish my spirituality more.. i dunno.. something inside just tells me that i should go.. and i think ill go. maybe one of these days.. this new year.. :D

happy new year everyone!


im back!

got back earlier than expected.. my mom had to go home early so i had to go home as well and drove her home.. i think i got sick due to fatigue.. it was a really long drive.. left my camera.. my bro borrowed it so ill just upload the pics when he get back.. the weather was bad when we were in baguio.. it was raining and traffic was bad also.. good thing my kuya and his wife went with me to few travel spots there before i left..hehe we were supposed to go to the strawberry farm but not nuf time for that..


baguio here i come!

we're off to baguio.. im not really in the mood to go yet.. but no choice.. everyone's goin... my mom gave me a jacket from the states.. haha.. it made me look 100 pounds heavier..! ill use my other jacket.. haha.. hm.. still dont know what ill be doin there for a week! this'll be my first time to celebrate new year away from home.. hm i dunno if ill go home before the new yr.. anyway anything goes..! i'll know what to do once im there.. may be ill go to the tiangges.. :D and the strawberry farm.. ok.. catch yah later guys!!


i admit.. i have an ugly handwriting.. haha.. but sometimes i still think it looks nice.. feeling! :pWhat Your Handwriting Says About You

What Your Handwriting Says About You

You are a laid back person with rather low energy. You aren't lazy... you *are* sensitive and empathetic.

You are somewhat outgoing, but you're not a natural extrovert. You think first before you act. You tend to be independent, rational, and logical.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.


it's 430pm here in nueva.. just woke up.. i came back from manila this morning.. still have a migraine.. i attended joseph's xmas party last night. it was fun.. too bad my cam's batt died early.. but then i still managed to get some shots of him dancing kembot.. their group won 2nd place..
i joined a couple of games but i didnt win.. haha.. lampayatot kasi.. i need more enrgy..


You Are 36% Paranoid Schizophrenic

You're pretty grounded, though you have your occasional paranoid moments.
Just make sure to ignore those voices in your head!
ill be goin to manila to attend a xmas party.. gtg for now


You Are Christmas

More than most people, you are able to find magic in life's small moments.
Traditions mean a lot to you, and you tend to be quite nostalgic.
You are a giving, kind person who really understands the true meaning of holidays.
You inspire others to be as altruistic and caring as you are.

What makes you celebrate: Tradition and a generous spirit

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The storyteller. You like to recount memories with everyone.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Give a gift to everyone you know


back to the urban province..

-im here in the province..
-arrived last night..
-left manila at 3pm..late coz was stuck in traffic at quezon ave.. i still had to see my beautiful bf before i leave.. haha..
-just bought some gifts for his mom n sis..just the simplest thing.. not nough dough.. :p
dont know if they'll appreciate it though.. just hope so...
-ok so back here in the prov.. the traffic on the way here wasnt as heavy as i expected.. but traffic was worse here in cabanatuan.. due to small, narrow roads and numerous trikes everywhere... they are like flies.. i heard that our city was included in the Guiness records for the most number of trikes in an area.. unbelievable??? well, believe it.. hehe
-my dad brought me to their court christmas party.. so i couldnt object.. i went with my dad.. met his colleagues.. i was forced to sing.. my gosh.. haha.. i even joked that ill sing if my dad will finally replace my antique phone. i think he approved.. i gathered all my will power.. pakapalan na ng muka haha..
-i received a new pair of flip flops.. my ninong gave me a couple thousand bucks.. hehe so thats more than enough for gate crashing. haha i played bingo almost won a coffee maker.. sayang!
-that'll be all for now for my 1st day.. im going to to the parlor.. gonna have a hotoil and pedicure..


scratch on zat's mags.. found while at the carwash... hehe.. i also discovered a long mark on the right side mirror.. hm.. it could only be my bro..


last school day

last day of class for this year..

yey.. christmas vacation starts.. actually im not that excited.. im just happy that i could rest for a while.. i need to recharge.. take some time to focus on my life's drama.. haha..

anyway after class earlier.... i just took pictures.. most of them stolen shots.. i enjoy doin that..

we ate at don hen... jac's dad came.. judge mupas... he then offered to pay for the bill! waah.. we were just lost of words..so we felt lucky, happy and "nahiya"... hm cant think of a term suited for it.. may be coz its not usually used in the english language? they cant feel hiya? haha.. i was thinking of using embarrassed but anyway, so there.. haha.. on our way home.. bad luck struck... we had a flat tire.. so hanna and i tried to help dak change the tire... haha.. actually i just stood and watched.. didnt want to get my hands dirty.. one manong (an old guy) helped us.. and so after successfully changing the tires.. we continued on our way home... dak dropped us off one by one... and i continued with my dramatic life...:P just wanna be happy.. but dont know what to do.. hm.. may be i do know but cant. ??

sorry guys if i was so silent during dinner.. haha.. wasnt like me huh.. i think i just have so much running through my head right now. thanks anyway for the patience..

here are some pics..

dak hanna and jac

dak, james, me, hanna and jac at para lab slide demo

dak's grandpa's fx's flat tire...


im promoting a new blog

this is our group blog, called the operation MD.. id like to commend dak for the good work.. it pays to be a blog addict.. haha really.. thanks dak.. at least hanna wont have any excuse not to blog.. schizoids rule! :D please take time to visit our humble site.. still new so dont expect much.. yet... as of now. :D
the operation md

anyway.. someone from bulacan and another from angeles view my blog.. ey to the readers: you can leave messages so i know who u are. :D


so i spent my two day weekend going to the mall and buying gifts.. dont get me wrong.. just managed to buy 4 gifts for my monito and monita, my lolo and lola n for joseph.. i wasnt able to save enough cash to buy gifts for everyone. aww.. too bad.. anyway.. i went to trinoma yesterday.. i was planning to buy sep a jacket but wasnt able to find 1.. guess thats the consequence of buying late. im sure the mall already ran out of stocks and most of the good stuff were bought already.. i just bought him 2 polo shirts from giordano.. haha.. poor kid. today, sep and i went to divisoria, to 168 mall.. good thing i wasnt a claustrophobic or else i could have fainted right at the entrance.. there was hardly any space to move.. we keep on bumping people.. plastic bags, boxes.. there were litter everywhere.. but you wouldnt see the floor coz of the number of people there.. anyway we survived.. we managed to buy gifts for his coworkers..

here are just some of the pics i took when i went to trinoma.. from the parking lot and on my way home..

look how crowded it was at trinoma..

all flip flops.. look how crowded it was inside.. the store even has a queue line.. havaianas are the in thing now in the philippines.. and i still dont own a pair yet.. hm.. have no plans of buying though.. im happy with my banana peels.. haha..

the view.. on the parking deck.. sm city north edsa across the street.. look at the traffic.. christmas rush..

goin home..

just some of the things we bought at 168 mall.. a penguin lamp/led light and a digital alarm clock with glowing led.. it also changes colors.. just have to put some batteries..


a funny video.. 3 thumbs up to jeff dunham.. haha.. i like the Allah damn it part..


parts of the brain

just imagine neuroana class this way..


Does the title sound so nerdy? so serious? so not me? well.. i found this old issue of panorama while at a friend's house.. i saw this article and got interested... the title was "Five Ws on Emotional Intelligence", by Rogelio de los Santos.
What EI is?
When Emotions evolved?
Where EI is in the brain?
Why EI is important?
How to Develop Emotional Intelligent ?

so i read it. hm.. it's about emotional intelligence. i started to reflect. am i emotionally intelligent? haha.. i know i've been studying, memorizing and learning a lot of stuffs.. i then started thinking.. what about my social skills? Decision making? Self control, discipline? my temper? Emotional status? what have i done bout them? have i grown? have i changed somehow? i started to think how much I have developed it all this time? am i lagging regarding that aspect? hm.. so here it goes.

What EI is?

He defined Emotions as "feeling states", "root impulses", "commotions of the soul" that shape man's decisions and action to compromise what is a complex affective human faculty.
It was said that there are two minds of man, one that thinks and one that feels.. what we normally consider the heart and mind. There are a lot of times that strong emotions can cloud our reason and so reason becomes useless. There are a lot of times. I think a lot of us can relate to this some point in our lives. We know what is right but then we resort to follow which is more comfortable in our parts or which feels much better. Preferably, there should be balance and harmony between the two. Well , in reality, the “two minds”, are only one he said. They just work differently but intertwined in a single brain.. hm.. ever heard of the amygdale? hippocampus? The limbic system?

When EI Evolved?
50,000 generations for evolution to shape emotional intelligence today. And through time, emotions contributed to the rapid rise of civilizations.. empires.. their fall and also wars. The rise is parallel to the rise of the human population from a few thousands to a now staggering 6 billion.

Where EI is in the brain

The seat of emotional intelligence- amygdala. it is almond shaped and located above the brainstem. Without it the man is said to be affectively blind- Manhid? So I guess some people have small amygdales. I think I have a big one. The amygdale is said to trigger tears. It senses fear and is the one responsible of letting our body feel and know that fear. It triggers our fight and flight response..

Why is EI important?

Moving on, it is important since in the recent decade, especially in the younger generations, there is what has been said an emotional malaise. There is a drop in emotional competence.

Manifestations of emotional competence are: (are you guilty of these?)
1. withdrawal problems-sulking, lack of energy, feeling unhappy
2. depression- having fears and worries, feeling unloved, nervous and depressed
3. attention problems- daydreaming, acting without thinking, doing poorly in schoolwork
4. aggressiveness- lying and cheating, stubbornness and moodiness, having a hot temper

It is alarming since if our youth have this much of emotional deficiencies coz it indicates a future generation which lack emotional competence, moral character and well being. They said that the worst of these indices are seen in the poorest countries? Is that true..? I think family values, love and support also have major effects in the emotional development and maturity of each individual.

You want to do something bout that EQ? well you can do more and remedy the problems
Five domains to expand EI:
1. Self awareness. Capacity to recognize our feeling that contribute to self esteem.

I say: We should always take time to listen to ourselves. The key is not to overanalyze your problems. Sometimes we still have to stop and look at the picture.

2. Managing emotions. This is tha capacity to soothe oneself, shake of rampant anxiety, gloom or irritability. To excel in managing emotions is to bounce back far more easily from life’s failures and upsets.

So do we always need others so that we’ll feel better. Do we let others fix our lives or do we fix it ourselves. It is you who know who you are. You know what you want. Well if you don’t you should. Go back to number 1 if you still don’t know. Of course it’s always nice to have friends around. But it will always go back to you. Face it.

3. Motivate oneself. This involves delaying gratification and preventing impulsiveness, getting into the flow of events for productive and creative undertakings.

One step at a time. Have a goal, have a plan and always stick to that plan. Don’t give up, don’t be scared. Unless of course you see there is a better way.

4. Recognizing emotions of others. This entails people-skill by which we get attuned to social signals to respond to the needs of others. Empathy can improve our career by way of becoming caring professionals in our field.

As a future doctor, I believe its important not just to be competent. I follow the Thomasian code. I promise to be competent, compassionate and committed. Bow! Haha
We should always try to put ourselves in the shoes of others and with that, we can understand them more.

5. Healing relationships. This makes us socially competent, girded for social effectiveness and leadership nothing short of becoming social stars.

Relationships are like plants. We should water it but not too much. It needs sunlight but too much of it can wither the plant. Just like everything else, every relationship needs tender loving care. Haha.. lalang.


friday was again a very long and tiring day.. (meron pa more appropriate words pero wag nalang. :D)
the night before:
i didnt sleep well the night before..why? came home late and just managed to finish the pharma notes in 3 hours..im a slow reader pa pala...so that was fast.. haha i think my brain got so fatigued trying to remember the antiviral drugs.. as i was bout to go to dreamland.. i discovered myself unconsciously repeating the name of the drugs to myself ..ribavirin.. lamivudine..! i told myself to stop.. i found it so weird.. seizure na yata un! haha.. woke up late.. came to school at 8.. luckily didnt miss a thing.. no lec in med.. dr li yu was there already.. i really admire her.. i see so much power in her.. wanna be like that.. haha.. she gave our group a surprise quiz in med1.. bout joints! oh noh.. of all topics.. my friend dak was really upset bout the test...he always is..jk (wet blanket nanman sha haha) forgot to bring my scrubs for surgery minor practical.. i was bout to text hanna to borrow scrubs when she called.. told me to go to the 4th floor cr coz its an emergency.. i looked for her but no sign of the girl with the unruly hair.. hm.. i even asked the janitress.. so i just wasted my energy.. her groupmates told me that she already went home.. and she was at the 3rd floor!!! grr..! so i went to class.. again lucky coz our faci just demonstrated surgical tools, tubes, catheters and stuff..it was difficult to remember most of their names.. what more how they looked.. i kept on browsing my pharma notes from time to time.. :p i then discovered that i use scissors like a 1st grader.. with my thumb and index.. hm.. didnt know that,, haha.. i think its just because the holes are small for my fat fingers.. when i tried my scissors at home i used it the right way naman..:p
fast forward.. pharma quiz at 530.. i think i answered the questions in the quiz part..seminar part was difficult.. questions were too specific.. my head was already spinning after the test.. im drained..we ate dinner and called it a day.. i wasnt feeling well on the way home.. i had an "attack" again.. i think.. haha.. i was riding the jeep.. dizzy.. my head was aching.. the i kept thinking of abacavir.. that was scary..and crazy!!! i arrived home and fell asleep.. bad thing is i woke up the middle of the night.. the time right now is 3am.. think i can now sleep some more..



ewan ko ba bigla ako naexcite e... parng angtagal ko na d naexcite sa pagdating ng xmas.. hm..bakit kaya?? at bakit ngayon excited na ko ulit?? haha.. gawa siguro ng xmas songs... pati pla site ko paskong pasko na.. napagtripan lang naman..

blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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