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yey ive finally done it...congratulate me.. LOL.. ok back to work..=)
i was already starting to think that i lack spatial intelligence..;p it has been believed that the males are better when it comes to processing visual information and manipulating objects. hm.. (so does that explains their talent for manipulating women?? kidding..)
so what is spatial intelligence?
first, we have different categories of intelligence that we call multiple intelligence. it started with the theory proposed by Howard Gardner, a psychologist. his theory describes an array of different kinds of "intelligences" exhibited by human beings. Gardner suggests that each individual manifests varying levels of these different intelligences, and thus each person has a unique "cognitive profile.
Gardner's Categories of intelligence
1. Bodily-Kinesthetic-involves bodily movements..they usually learn more by doing rather than reading or hearing. this involves the dancers or the athletes. they have what is so called muscle memory. they learn more through their body rather than by words- hearing(verbal memory) or reading/images(visual memory).
Careers suited for this type include: dancers, demonstrators, actors, athletes, divers, sports-people, soldiers, fire-fighters, PTI's, performance artistes; ergonomists, osteopaths, fishermen, drivers, crafts-people; gardeners, chefs, acupuncturists, healers, adventurers
2. Interpersonal- these are the extroverts. these are the social experts. they are good in understanding other people's feeling, their moods and temperament. so they easily get along with other people. they easily learn through working with other people.. they enjoy group activities such as discussion or debates. they are good in leading or following.
Careers suited for this type include: therapists, HR professionals, mediators, leaders, counsellors, politicians, eductors, sales-people, clergy, psychologists, teachers, doctors, healers, organisers, carers, advertising professionals, coaches and mentors; (there is clear association between this type of intelligence and what is now termed 'Emotional Intelligence' or EQ does GRO count?? hm may be..
3. Verbal-Linguistic- this type of intelligence has got something to do with words- be it written or spoken. they display a facility with words and language. they learn best by reading, listening to lectures, discussions or debates. they are frequently skilled in explaining, teaching, oration and persuasive speaking. people with linguistic intelligence usually learn foreign languages easily.
Careers: writers, lawyers, journalists, speakers, trainers, copy-writers, english teachers, poets, editors, linguists, translators, PR consultants, media consultants, TV and radio presenters, voice-over artistes. -->bloggers?
4. Logical-Mathematical- has to do with logic, abstractions, inductive and deductive reasoning, and numbers. those with this type of intelligence usually excel in math, physics, chess, computer programming, sudoku and other activities w/c involves numbers. they are skilled in scientific thinking and investigation, solving complex calculation, abstract pattern recognition, and more of reasoning capabilities.
Careers- scientists, engineers, computer experts, accountants, statisticians, researchers, analysts, traders, bankers bookmakers, insurance brokers, negotiators, deal-makers, trouble-shooters, directors
5. Naturalistic- newest and not widely accepted. this involves ones ability to with nurturing and relating oneself with nature. they usually are good in planting and growing plants, taming animals, predicting weather and differentiating species from one another. they can predict changes in the environmentand learn best by collecting and analyzing data.
Careers- farmers, gardeners, scientists, biologists, conservationalists, naturalists, fishermen
6. Intrapersonal- this has to do with self awareness- intrainspective and self-reflective capacities. people with this type of intelligence are usually considered introverts. they learn best by analyzing things and situations by themselves. they usually prefer to work alone. they are highly capable of analyzing their own emotions, goals and motivations.
Careers- philosophers, psychologists, theologians, writers and scientists
7. Musical- this involves music, rhythm and hearing. those with high musical-rhythmic intelligence are more sensitive to sound, music, tones and rhythms. they usually have a good or even absolute pitch and are able to sing, conduct music, play musical intruments and compose songs. they learn bes by hearing. they usually study better by accompanying music with memorizing information. they often study with music in the background or while wearing their ipods.
Careers- musicians, singers, composers, DJ's, music producers, piano tuners, acoustic engineers, entertainers, party-planners, environment and noise advisors, voice coaches
8. Spatial Intelligence- this has to do with visual and spatial judgement, their knowledge of an object as a whole. they are typically very good at visualizing and mentally manipulating objects. they have a strong visual memory and are often artistically inclined. Those with visual-spatial intelligence also generally have a very good sense of direction and may also have very good hand-eye coordination.
Careers- artists, designers, cartoonists, story-boarders, architects, photographers, sculptors, town-planners, visionaries, inventors, engineers, cosmetics and beauty consultants
hm.. i kind of disagree with the test coz i know im not that good with words.. lol.. ill retake the test next time.. maybe im just sleepy.

Take this test!

Being linguistically intelligent means that you have a knack for using words and language. As a result, you've probably noticed that you have a greater gift for expressing yourself than most people around you. In fact, you might be known in your circle of friends as something of a wordsmith.

Whether writing or speaking, you're the type to get your point across with both precision and flair. At times, this can make you a very persuasive communicator. By choosing the right words at the right time, you can clearly express your ideas, thoughts, and feelings to others. This can be a crucial skill in both your professional and personal life.


  1. Michael B.  

    January 23, 2008 at 12:15 PM

    hey camille di naman ata accurate yung test na yan...it said "social intelligence" daw yung akin. ha?!

  2. Camille  

    January 23, 2008 at 6:13 PM

    ei u should be speaking in english.. coz ur spokening dollar ryt?? :D harhar.. wel..i think it fits u.. ure a gimikero.. party boy.. :D that was my lowest score-social intelligence.. so i think that makes me more of an introvert??:p dont expect it to be that reliable.. i myself got a result of a linguistic..and i dont quite agree with that..

  3. Michael B.  

    January 24, 2008 at 4:37 AM

    hahaha english english ka diyan. anyway, i didn't even know na there was a breakdown...how did you get to see that? basta mali yung test at least when it comes to me -- i only go out sometimes kaya. most of the time i'm just reading katzung at home :-P

  4. Camille  

    January 24, 2008 at 1:27 PM

    to mike: are u registered to tickle? after the test you'll receive a mail... it contains more bout ur test. open the mail.. click the link..you'll be asked to pay for the results but you can just click skip and look at the ads..then skip again. youll get to see the breakdown. gets???:p wushu d raw gimikero.. you always go home late. lots of parties.. bachelor na bachelor..=) maybe the test is that good. they really detect the real you! no matter how u deny it.. :p aral ka na ulit pharma.

  5. Michael B.  

    January 24, 2008 at 8:02 PM

    wushu? hahaha. ngayon ko lang ata nakita yan typed out. when i see you tom iwuwushu kita. hahaha. anyway sige i'll check out the breakdown later. i dunno ba't nila ko hinihingian ng $10 eh kahit 20 pesos wala ako.

  6. Camille  

    January 24, 2008 at 8:25 PM

    yah ryt... anghilig mo palusot.. u dont have 10 dollars or 20 pesos coz all u got are hundred dollar n 1000 peso bills..or lapad. 5000 yen ba un?? ow... dont cry ha.. harhar.. hirap maging anak ng mangingisda.. msta business nyo ng canning factory ng sardines? siguro punong puno barko ng dad mo ngyn dami nahuli.

    whats with being sociable?? i think its better than what i got.. i scored 2 for social..:P

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