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from saturday night fever, footloose, save the last dance,take the lead, dirty dancing and you've got served.. dance movies had always hit the big screens and earned millions.. it seems movie goers had always been captivated by the amazing bone breaking moves..

ive always wanted to dance but because of some anatomical limitations of my body, having 2 left feet, i never really got the chance.. also i was too shy as a child.. too bad.. my mom tried to enrol me to ballet school when i was younger. im not sure what happened..lol i think my mom couldnt get me into the ballet outfit and shoes.. it was too girly-girly for me back then..

i took jazz lessons instead.. i remember dancing way back in gradeschool though.. i find it difficult memorizing steps. so the only times that i really danced was during PE practical exams, when im alone or when i have too much to drink and lose all inhibitions.. lol. so i dance crazy..

anyway, since i had so much free time this holy week, i got the chance to watch a lot of movies at home. some were pirated dvds, some were illegally downloaded.. (oops!:p) by my bro..:p

i watched step up 2 the streets. it is the sequel of the 2006 movie-step up. it's about andie (briana evigan), a young girl passionate bout dancing, talented who happened to be with the wrong crowd, bad influences. a childhood friend, tyler gage(channing tatum) helped her win a chance to put her life to the right track by auditioning to the maryland school of arts. and thats were the story begins.. she meets new friends, new boy and so on. so basically, thats how the story goes.. you'll enjoy the whole length of the movie with their incredible steps mixing ballet and street dance.. i find this movie better than youve got served wherein it is only the dance routine that kept me watching. this one got more acting and story that will suffice and keep u up. they are also actors and not just dancers.

next movie is step up. so this movie is about tyler gage. he is a foster home raised guy and spent most of his time with black american boys. the story started when he got caught vandalizing an arts school theater. the school is, well what do you know- the maryland school of arts. so in exchange for the damage that he had cost, he was sentenced to spend service hours to the school-cleaning trash cans, mopping floors and so on. in the same school he meets nora-a senior and from there the story unravels..disadvantaged boy meets privileged girl.. boy helps girl. girl changes boy's life.. hm.. a classic. so there, another interesting movie to watch.

channing tatum-a very unusual name he has. he looks good, he acts and he dances. he really has a talent. i just cant help but be amazed by people like him. :)

next, i heard news bout briana evigan. i heard it first from my brother and then i confirmed it. she's be coming to manila to make a new movie. and who's starring with her? our very own jericho rosales. the movie's title is I Luv U virus and they said that it will be a "cute love story"-im not sure what that means..:p


saw this news in mukamo.com. the papaya dance was actually popularized by edu manzano.. according to the GMA hosts, the papaya dance is the new international dance craze! forget the chicken dance, forget the macarena.. lol.. watch the video in youtube.. (embed function is disabled)



today is good friday. catholics are not allowed to eat meat today. my tita menchie said that the real prohibited meat is the meat that is usually eaten at night.. LOL.. anyway i would just like to recommend this hotdog that my brother cooked just a while ago.. i, my bro and our two pamangkins finished the bowl of hotdogs within a minute! it really tasted great.. better than Purefoods TJ... hehe..

try it.. :)
my mom told me about the mekeni food corp plant. it is currently the top meat processing plant here in the phils, awarded for 3 consecutive years. they are also the first and only iso 2000 certified meat proc plant in asia.. amazing huh? to think that the company only started a few years ago. she recalled how clean the plant is that she thought she was in another country. world class. :) haha..haay im a bit bored. :p but its ok..

hm ive observed that things have changed for the past years.. i remember when i was young.. when we can still feel the holidays more..like the christmas and holy week, for example. i tend to be so afraid during holy week especially on good fridays and black saturday(when i was a kid) coz i was told by my mom that Jesus Christ is still dead for those three days.. and so i heard that there will be lots of aswangs(local monsters) and ghosts lurking at night.. LOL.. looking back really makes me realize how much ive grown.. Im old!!! hm..but still.. no money..:(
do i feel the spirit of these occasions less because im older or is it really because the world had changed through time? so is change bad or goood? hm.. i dunno... what do you think?


dak tagged me..im supposed to fill this thing up... it consists of some questions but i cant seem to answer them now.. hehe.. i dont feel like doin it.. actually i dont feel like doin anything right now. i want to get away.. hide in a very far place.. another country would be better..i want to unwind and forget everything ill leave behind. if i can just block my mind from thinking of certain things that i dont want to think about right now.. hm.. i need an escape.. but thats not how life goes eh?


so the news ive heard is indeed true.. a staff member sent me an email confirming it. according to sir gammy, the whole area occupied by VMMC was already bought by i still dont know whom or what company..they said that the land will be converted into a central business district.. demolition will start in 2010.. the location is very ideal for the plan but this news made me sad. although it didnt surprise me much since the hospital is really old and have been facing a lot of financial problems ever since.. i was an intern there a few years back. of course i have a lot of memories there.

VMMC's land area is so vast it not only has a hospital but also a golf course.. i think this really costs a lot to maintain..

this is a message from Mr. Gamaliel Fulgueras,medtech
Gen. Lab section
Dept of Pathology
Veterans Memorial Medical Center
North Ave, Diliman QC-

"Alam nyo ba..?......

na nabenta na ang Veterans Memorial Medical Center? By year 2010 ay for demolition na siya? Ang area ay gagawing CBD or Central Business dISTRICT.Walang contingemncy plan sa mga empleyado pero sa mga beterano, meron. Antayin ko na lang mag mature ang GSIS ko sa 2009 saka ako magreresign."

so sadly the demolition will happen the same year that ill be graduating.. that's after i pass my remaining years in med as well as the clerkship and revalida.. anyway.. hm.. how sad.. so does it mean i have to say farewell to all the memories? hm.. i hope not.. this calls for a reunion!


month long exams, cat surg etc..

here are just some of the things that my cam phone witnessed last week..

we are the cat surgeons!
L-R:suj,the author, honey and lovely
1 thing i learned: i dont wanna be an anesthesiologist.. id die in the OR. every beat increase in the px's heart rate is a tenfold increase in the anesthesiologists HR..really STRESSFUL job! so kudos to the anesthesiologists out there..

brother's burger onion rings.. love ko to

studying for para prax..

ive just tried fixing my sched for the month.. this week will be shifting exams..finals for the next week.. holy week would be a rest and then followed by compre in the last week of march..

i dont really do this.. im not that organized. compared to my other classmates that is.. this is something new. so im happy.. im satisfied.. im proud.. :) although the sched is not really that complete as of the moment.. its just that it's a shame when someone asks me what we would be doing the following day and i cant seem to give them important info. coz im also as clueless.. i want to grow.. i have to segregate the things in my life. i have priorities. i have to take care of them all.. ive been so laid back.. well it has been working for me but i just want to improve in some aspects. :) im seeing a lot of opportunities right now.

which is good. unlike how i felt before.. feeling trapped as if there's nowhere else to go and as if my happiness depends on a single object. balance is the key and that's what im hoping for.
for those who are confused, i suggest that prayer is always important. God should always be the center of all relationships. if He's there then nothing can go wrong. again, i realized the importance of our family and friends.. it's really helpful to open up to them from time to time. they are my light. :) it's as if the clouds covering me before had been blown away.. ok lots of things to do. til next time

new principle: detachment

my friend told me to start practicing this. haha it's just that they are tired seeing me upset all the time. ive already stopped telling them bout my problems. it's been a while already but i guess they just know me so well that they always know when i'm down or if something's up.. they read me like a book. and surprisingly, they are always right..!


my brother typed this site's url on my browser. he told me to read it.. well i didn't really know what kind of site he's trying to show me.. at first i didn't really bother checkin it out.. i just said that ok ok fine ill try to look at it later.. i was busy answering my lab manual that time. my mom then entered my room and sat in front of my laptop and she read the site.. she kept on nodding at agreed with everything that's written on that site.. she then read all the important points to me.. LOL.. the blog is called Kuya Kevin's blog.

kuya kevin or more appropriately, kevin sanders is an american. he's originally from alabama but has lived here in manila since 2002. he does college ministry here giving inspiration and insights to the filipino youth. you can read bout more devotional thoughts and inspiring articles by visiting his site http://www.kuyakevin.com/

his book, "Basta Lovelife: making wise relationship decisions" is now out and available in Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM) for 190 pesos.

i think it is also available in National bookstore and other christian bookstores. maybe ill get once one of these days. :) i need enlightenment. well, right now im doin some improvement. :) happiness is a choice.

blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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