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ok since dak featured happyslip and kevjumba.. ill feature davidchoi instead.. LOL..
actually it intrigues me and i find him funny(davidchoi)..why coulndnt he smile for his fans..? loss of facial muscles for smiling?
here is a video wherein happyslip tries to make him smile.. was she successful? find out for yourself.. he has a good voice.
happyslip is 31 years old already -ive heard..

ive also observed.. is it the common thing in the states wherein people bond according to their race? asians bond with asians.. southeast asians with se asians? caucasians with caucasians? hm.. same as always huh... maybe its just that somehow we can relate more with those races similar to ours... i think there will always be those.. i wouldnt want to call them barriers but maybe.. thats just how things usually go..of course its not always the case. :D


anyways.. back to the topic.. i like these two asians.. i like the video where davidchoi finally was heard laughing while singing.

i had lunch at wok with me with my med classmates yesterday.. dak and i started making kwento bout happyslip.. then we realized that we were the only ones who can relate with what we were trying to talk bout...every1s staring.. haha oh no!! have we become so addicted to the net that we are always updated with these kinds of stuffs??! oh-oh... :p


  1. kurokuroko  

    January 12, 2008 at 3:17 PM

    bagay nga sila. :)

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