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i was eating my brunch a while ago when my brother turned on the radio really loud.. it was my first time to listen to a boxing match.. coz usually i watch.. ok so who won? of course it's no other than the pambansang kamao- manny "pacman" pacquiao. he won by knocking out diaz in round 9.. hm? just like what coach freddie roach predicted. he said it will be over by round 9. this is the 4th title for manny-i think he is the only boxer so far to have won all for titles in 4 different weight categories. wow! you really make us proud manny! congratulations!

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photohunt: bright

bright students with bright smiles..
and promising future ahead.. :D
also.. this is a bright photo.. lolz

for last week's photohunt: water
traveling sea at night scares me.. the water seems to be a vast abyss..
who knows what lurks in these waters.. :p

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MEME: A king's command

Disclaimer: this might be unfair..since i still haven't done another friend's tag..which was.. i guess 3 months past the deadline.. lolz.. anyways, i found the questions in this tag a bit easier to answer so here it is King Arthur! :)

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

  • started high school in an all girls school.. somewhere out there..
2. Five things on my to-do list today:

  • sleep
  • go to the gym
  • read 1 unit in harrisons
  • read novaks gyne
  • study neuro..
3. Snacks I enjoy:
  • i love to eat so i have a lot!
  • i love donuts-krispy kreme and cellos
  • chocolate flavored soy milk, choco chip cookies(edna's cakeland), oatmeal cookies, lasagna,
  • chocolates, choco ice blend, chocolate frappe, french fries, etc etc... di kasi uso sakin snacks.. lagi heavy..lol
4. Places where I've lived:
  • nueva ecija, quezon city, manila

5. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:

  • travel around the world-i must visit greece, japan, africa, france, russia, italy, hawaii and brazil
  • buy a yacht with crew of course.. (ok na ko dto... pramis.. hehe)
  • shempre share... a billion is more than enough..
  • feed the hungry, help improve education and healthcare system in the country
  • build schools and hospitals
  • send poor kids to school
  • provide medicines and treatment to the sick (nax)
  • help gawad kalinga and other orgs..:p

6. People I want to know more about: i'm tagging Dak, Carlos, Cedeux, Peanut, karen, dianne..


Here are the rules:
1. Check out your blog Readability Test here then post it.
2. (OPTIONAL) Stop asking yourself regarding the results of the test (LOL!)
3. Add your blog from the list together with the results. 4. Tag as many friends you like.
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blog readability test

I'm tagging: King Arthur, Dak, Carlos, Cedeux, Peanut, karen, dianne.. including the rest of the bloggers in my blogroll and YOU! yes, you..:)

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Goodbye Typhoon Frank!

i know a lot of people, especially students, have been rejoicing since yesterday..
due to the storm frank (international name:Fengshen), classes in all levels were suspended for today, june 23, 2008. im not that happy though.. coz i love going to school.. haha..am i such a nerd?? not really.. i just don't want to let the money my parents paid for my education go to waste.. :p
another thing not to be happy about- the weather had already cleared for today but ‘Frank’ leaves at least 229 dead, 700 missing. (from: Inquirer.net ) due to flashfloods and landslides. oh well.. talk about bad luck to have died like that.. not so unlucky though compared to the deaths due to vending machines falling on people in beaches during summer (learned this info from encarta.. imagine that? dying because of a vending machine??)
a long weekend it is..no classes again tomorrow since it's Manila day.. my school is one of the most flood-prone universities in the country.. so it's already a normal thing that classes in our school gets suspended everytime there is heavy rain.. what more during storms.. what dictates if there would be suspension of classes? that's when the cars and jeeps can no longer pass Espana ave. yeah it sucks in a way.. kadire talaga.. but it is usually the streets surrounding the university which gets flooded. seldom does the water reach the steps of the university.. and that's only when the flood water level becomes chest high..or even higher than that..yuck.. it's really a health hazard..imagine walking or even swimming in that contaminated water.. who knows what you'll gonna get..leptospirosis, hepatits and a whole lot more! i would rather sleep in the school. i heard the priests give away free food to the stranded students--wow jolibee! :)
i've never experienced being stranded in the school. last time there was a really bad flood, i was staying at the dorm so i just needed to ride a pedicab(a bike with sidecar,modified one- higher and suitable in floods) just to cross the street.. haha..

this guy had a better idea.. lol
it's a good thing though that i have another free day to read some more chapters.. im way behind in all subjects.. it won't be that long until i get buried under my reading assignments.. im still adjusting in third year med school.. being a slow reader that i always was, it's really time that i give more time and effort to read..

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Penang Hill

Penang Hill offers malaysian-singaporean-thai food experience.. i can't remember all of their names though.. i'll just try my best to recall their names.. anyone's free to correct their spelling.. hehe.. :D

hainanese chicken-why the name? i dunno?

tom yum-not the best one i've tasted..i still like wok's tom yum better..
has strong lemongrass flavor..

beef horfun(?)

thai oyster omelet

nasi goreng

i've never been to malaysia but i think ive tried nasi goreng way, way back when we visited singapore..

i heard malaysian cuisine has a lot of spices and usually bombarded with curry..my friend jac said that it might be due to the fact there are many indians in malaysia.. she hates curry.. they went to malaysia a few weeks ago and recalled only eating fish balls since she couldn't take the smell and taste of curry..lol.. i, on the other hand, don't have any problem trying other cuisines.. as long as they are edible! haha.. i have this dream of going to different countries and tasting all their local food..

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Photohunt: Emotions


"Lokohin mo na ang lasing.. Wag lang ang bagong gising.."
translation: Make fun of the drunk, but never make fun of a person who just woke up..

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Marinduque is a heart-shaped island located in the southern part of Luzon- south and west of Quezon province, east of Mindoro, and north of Romblon.

the beauty of Marinduque
It is surely one of those remaining islands which is shrouded by mystery and gifted with natural beauty. Unlike the other tourist spots, this place has preserved so much of its natural treasures, rich history and culture .

Marinduque is famous for their Moriones Festival which is held every Holy Week. With this very old tradition fishermen and farmers commonly parade the streets wearing roman soldier costumes and heavy wooden masks of bearded faces. The festival is based on the story of Longinus-a blind soldier who punctured the sides of Jesus with a spear. As drops of Christ's blood went to his eyes, he was able to see again. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to witness the Moriones festival.
my version of Moriones..lolz

Another popular custom of the locals for guests and friends is the Putong. This tradition involves women who sing and dance to honor and welcome their guests. the honorees sit while they are crowned and given flowers. Petals and coins are thrown also for long life. It has the way of touching one's heart. My mom almost cried. This tradition just shows how hospitable the Marinduquenos are. I am a living witness to that. People here are really nice. I strongly believe that the crime rate in this province is really low. The Gas stations are left unguarded at night. Chickens and animals roam the streets freely. You can pick fruits from trees along the streets. People leave their houses and cars unlocked. No need to worry about theives and burglars. The people here know each other. They are uncorrupted.


The island of Marinduque has 6 municipalities-the capital of Boac, Mogpog, Gasan, Buenavista, Sta. Cruz and Torrijos. We stayed at the town of Torrijos. The town is located south of Marinduque and is surrounded by sea. During low tide, it's really fun to walk around the long shore, collect shells and find creatures such as butete or blowfish, baby octopus, sea urchins, small fishes, crabs and the like. It is a really nice place to relax. Time was really slow while we were here. The food is great- fresh fish, crabs, shrimps and many more. yum!

their version of Luneta-Freedom Park

at low tide

Poctoy White Beach

This beach front has white sand and a very nice view of Mt. Malindig. It is a very popular place for picnic and swimming.

the cast of Dyesebel.. kidding!:p

A lot of fishing boats arrive hourly full of fresh fish!

sashimi, anyone? :)

i wanted to see the Gasan sunset and Tres Reyes("Three Kings", composed of 3 islets-Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar) but we didn't have much time. Aside from swimming along the beaches, there is still sop much more to enjoy in this precious island such as camping, hiking, going to hot springs and a whole lot more.

Getting there:
from Manila to Dalahican Port Lucena, Quezon: ride Jac Liner Bus(located in Kamias)
Dalahican to Balanacan port at Mogpog, Marinduque- fast craft or by RO-RO (Roll on-Roll off)

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i'm back again!!

finally!~ i'm here again.. i wouldn't be able to say much for now. we have school again tomorrow. i'll be busy but i'll visit this blog from time to time. i just want to share a photo of the place where i spent my vacation. i'll share more about this place when i have more time. :)

i have a lot of stories to tell..


also for this week's photohunt, i'm sharing this picture of me during our way home from "the island". i received a massage the night before so they told me not to wash my hair and body the next day.. so here, my hair is a mess and i tried to hide it under a cap. :) it was really oily and i had to withstand the eeky feeling for one whole day! haha.. eew!

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hi guys! i'll be gone for a week more or less.. i forgot my laptop charger and ill be going to some places to enjoy the remaining days of my vacation... enjoy reading my latest posts.. take care and God bless everyone! :) mwuah!

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blog readability test
"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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