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so i spent my two day weekend going to the mall and buying gifts.. dont get me wrong.. just managed to buy 4 gifts for my monito and monita, my lolo and lola n for joseph.. i wasnt able to save enough cash to buy gifts for everyone. aww.. too bad.. anyway.. i went to trinoma yesterday.. i was planning to buy sep a jacket but wasnt able to find 1.. guess thats the consequence of buying late. im sure the mall already ran out of stocks and most of the good stuff were bought already.. i just bought him 2 polo shirts from giordano.. haha.. poor kid. today, sep and i went to divisoria, to 168 mall.. good thing i wasnt a claustrophobic or else i could have fainted right at the entrance.. there was hardly any space to move.. we keep on bumping people.. plastic bags, boxes.. there were litter everywhere.. but you wouldnt see the floor coz of the number of people there.. anyway we survived.. we managed to buy gifts for his coworkers..

here are just some of the pics i took when i went to trinoma.. from the parking lot and on my way home..

look how crowded it was at trinoma..

all flip flops.. look how crowded it was inside.. the store even has a queue line.. havaianas are the in thing now in the philippines.. and i still dont own a pair yet.. hm.. have no plans of buying though.. im happy with my banana peels.. haha..

the view.. on the parking deck.. sm city north edsa across the street.. look at the traffic.. christmas rush..

goin home..

just some of the things we bought at 168 mall.. a penguin lamp/led light and a digital alarm clock with glowing led.. it also changes colors.. just have to put some batteries..


  1. dak  

    December 17, 2007 at 5:42 AM

    wah! i like the digital alarm clock! huhuhu... how much is that? gift mo na lang sa akin... hehehe... me too, wasn't able to buy gifts for friends. the gift for my monito monita took me 4 bookstores before finally having it. the last bookstore ive been to only had a single copy na lang so i was lucky. twas beyond the budget limit pa nga e. hehehe... tas may tear pa at the back cover so i asked for a discount kasi they have no stock already, which was granted naman. hehehe...

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