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back to the urban province..

-im here in the province..
-arrived last night..
-left manila at 3pm..late coz was stuck in traffic at quezon ave.. i still had to see my beautiful bf before i leave.. haha..
-just bought some gifts for his mom n sis..just the simplest thing.. not nough dough.. :p
dont know if they'll appreciate it though.. just hope so...
-ok so back here in the prov.. the traffic on the way here wasnt as heavy as i expected.. but traffic was worse here in cabanatuan.. due to small, narrow roads and numerous trikes everywhere... they are like flies.. i heard that our city was included in the Guiness records for the most number of trikes in an area.. unbelievable??? well, believe it.. hehe
-my dad brought me to their court christmas party.. so i couldnt object.. i went with my dad.. met his colleagues.. i was forced to sing.. my gosh.. haha.. i even joked that ill sing if my dad will finally replace my antique phone. i think he approved.. i gathered all my will power.. pakapalan na ng muka haha..
-i received a new pair of flip flops.. my ninong gave me a couple thousand bucks.. hehe so thats more than enough for gate crashing. haha i played bingo almost won a coffee maker.. sayang!
-that'll be all for now for my 1st day.. im going to to the parlor.. gonna have a hotoil and pedicure..


  1. dak  

    December 22, 2007 at 8:14 PM

    hahaha, so you'll finally have a new phone, e? lucky you! kahit ako pakapalan na dba? hehehe...

  2. Cams  

    December 22, 2007 at 8:42 PM

    ewan ko lang.. sana..

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