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last school day

last day of class for this year..

yey.. christmas vacation starts.. actually im not that excited.. im just happy that i could rest for a while.. i need to recharge.. take some time to focus on my life's drama.. haha..

anyway after class earlier.... i just took pictures.. most of them stolen shots.. i enjoy doin that..

we ate at don hen... jac's dad came.. judge mupas... he then offered to pay for the bill! waah.. we were just lost of words..so we felt lucky, happy and "nahiya"... hm cant think of a term suited for it.. may be coz its not usually used in the english language? they cant feel hiya? haha.. i was thinking of using embarrassed but anyway, so there.. haha.. on our way home.. bad luck struck... we had a flat tire.. so hanna and i tried to help dak change the tire... haha.. actually i just stood and watched.. didnt want to get my hands dirty.. one manong (an old guy) helped us.. and so after successfully changing the tires.. we continued on our way home... dak dropped us off one by one... and i continued with my dramatic life...:P just wanna be happy.. but dont know what to do.. hm.. may be i do know but cant. ??

sorry guys if i was so silent during dinner.. haha.. wasnt like me huh.. i think i just have so much running through my head right now. thanks anyway for the patience..

here are some pics..

dak hanna and jac

dak, james, me, hanna and jac at para lab slide demo

dak's grandpa's fx's flat tire...


  1. dak  

    December 20, 2007 at 7:07 AM

    i was actually nervous when i realized a tire was flat. hahaha... it was my first time to have a flat tire here in Manila. thank you to cam, hanna, renz and carlos for helping out. it was a fun experience tho...

    i hope you can fix your issues... this holiday's meant for us to rest and recharge... don't consume thyself! enjoy the holidays!

    merry christmas!

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