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we, filipinos are just too superstitious aren't we? every year we hear everyone saying that they'll change for the better. they say they'll change this and that.. the bad habits.. laziness etc etc..
but when we come to think of it, how many of us really hold on to those promises? my kuya said he'll stop smoking.. but it's been four years.. four new years.. four chances but he'll keep on saying that next month he'll stop nad the next month after that.. and it's new year again.. my mom even told him that she'll write him a check if only he'll stop.. i think he stopped for some time.. he got the check.. and after a few months he'll smoke again.. do we really change? hehe who knows?? we should just try and try until we finally get things right.. im still hopeful..
i'm not really into new year's resolutions myself.. because i think i might not really fulfill them.. so i just hope.. i strive.. i dont like to make promises.. unless im sure i can achieve them.. i play safe?? less pressure..
anyway.. ill try to be more patient.. less sulking.. whining.. complaining.. :D i just wanna be happy.. anything goes.. when i have problems.. when i worry and when i feel sad, i just think of this idea: if there is a problem and i can do something about it, i do something bout it and do my best to make things better.. but if i cant do anything bout it.. if it's beyond my control then why should i still worry, right?? it would only be a waste of time. just let it be.. let it die on its own.. :p eventually it'll get tired.. life changes.. things change. ill just let time fix it for me.
ok so i realized i wanted to try attending victory church.. it's a born again church.. i remember my cointerns during our medtech internship.. we were four in a group and one of us was a converted born again christian.. during our 24 hour duty we''ll listen to this born again station. i can say that it was really peaceful.. my mom used to attend their worship in greenhills san juan.. and she'll see kc concepcion, gary v and sharon cuneta(local celebs) there.. she didnt go there to see the stars FYI.. hehe.. she used to ask me to come with her but i never did.. now i want to try to go there.. anyway i dont want to be converted.. im happy being a catholic its just that i want to nourish my spirituality more.. i dunno.. something inside just tells me that i should go.. and i think ill go. maybe one of these days.. this new year.. :D

happy new year everyone!


  1. Karen  

    January 2, 2008 at 1:11 PM

    hi! :)
    was surfing the net when i passed by your blog. i'm a BA Christian from JRM. and it's really nice to hear that you appreciate and desire having a true relationship with God. we're not talkin 'bout religion here, alright. :) it's the relationship with Him that matters the most. so whether you're a catholic or still thinking on what you want to be, just pray and really open the doors for Him.

    oh well, happy new year! want to link ex? :>

  2. Mark  

    January 5, 2008 at 2:56 PM

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  3. Mark  

    January 5, 2008 at 3:06 PM

    Ouch hahaha... am I the Kuya that your talking about, Guilty as charge...
    Keep it up, thanks for the invitation to view your Blog.. its my 1st time to see your compositions.. Im proud of you..
    awesome writing sis... keep it up

    BTW go to other places of worship to learn more about the teachings of god .. but don't ever leave the religion that you are born to..
    don't loose faith...

    Kuya Mark

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