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from saturday night fever, footloose, save the last dance,take the lead, dirty dancing and you've got served.. dance movies had always hit the big screens and earned millions.. it seems movie goers had always been captivated by the amazing bone breaking moves..

ive always wanted to dance but because of some anatomical limitations of my body, having 2 left feet, i never really got the chance.. also i was too shy as a child.. too bad.. my mom tried to enrol me to ballet school when i was younger. im not sure what happened..lol i think my mom couldnt get me into the ballet outfit and shoes.. it was too girly-girly for me back then..

i took jazz lessons instead.. i remember dancing way back in gradeschool though.. i find it difficult memorizing steps. so the only times that i really danced was during PE practical exams, when im alone or when i have too much to drink and lose all inhibitions.. lol. so i dance crazy..

anyway, since i had so much free time this holy week, i got the chance to watch a lot of movies at home. some were pirated dvds, some were illegally downloaded.. (oops!:p) by my bro..:p

i watched step up 2 the streets. it is the sequel of the 2006 movie-step up. it's about andie (briana evigan), a young girl passionate bout dancing, talented who happened to be with the wrong crowd, bad influences. a childhood friend, tyler gage(channing tatum) helped her win a chance to put her life to the right track by auditioning to the maryland school of arts. and thats were the story begins.. she meets new friends, new boy and so on. so basically, thats how the story goes.. you'll enjoy the whole length of the movie with their incredible steps mixing ballet and street dance.. i find this movie better than youve got served wherein it is only the dance routine that kept me watching. this one got more acting and story that will suffice and keep u up. they are also actors and not just dancers.

next movie is step up. so this movie is about tyler gage. he is a foster home raised guy and spent most of his time with black american boys. the story started when he got caught vandalizing an arts school theater. the school is, well what do you know- the maryland school of arts. so in exchange for the damage that he had cost, he was sentenced to spend service hours to the school-cleaning trash cans, mopping floors and so on. in the same school he meets nora-a senior and from there the story unravels..disadvantaged boy meets privileged girl.. boy helps girl. girl changes boy's life.. hm.. a classic. so there, another interesting movie to watch.

channing tatum-a very unusual name he has. he looks good, he acts and he dances. he really has a talent. i just cant help but be amazed by people like him. :)

next, i heard news bout briana evigan. i heard it first from my brother and then i confirmed it. she's be coming to manila to make a new movie. and who's starring with her? our very own jericho rosales. the movie's title is I Luv U virus and they said that it will be a "cute love story"-im not sure what that means..:p


  1. Jun  

    March 25, 2008 at 8:19 PM

    my friends asked me along for step up 2 today. i din watch the first one so i din wanna go. looks interesting tho. do u streetdance? ;)

  2. Camille  

    March 26, 2008 at 9:10 PM

    do i dance? haha i wish! :) watch the movie..:)

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