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inspire me.

suddenly.. i lost the will to write..hm.. anyone care to inspire me once more? treat me to a movie.. send me a gift.. give me money.. leave a message.. ring me..write me a comment..load up my fon..renew my visa.. wash my car.. wax my car.. clean my room.. buy me a book.. sing me a song.. dance for me.. treat me dinner.. let me me meet and greet happyslip.. see.. im easy.... :)

hay.. i would just like to say sorry.. to hanna, dak, jac, carlos and james.. sorry.. if u feel that i stood u up last night..naku im sure u talked about me last night.. im not really an indian.. its just that something happened.. and i still feel really bad.. again.. i was trapped.. kidnapped.. what was i supposed to do? d ako nagpakidnap noh.. still dont know.. i was supposed to go to serendra with friends.. that was really intended for me pa nman..

my bro left his 3 kids with me.. i think he has to take care of some business here in manila so he'll just pick up his kids tomorrow. ok i think i can babysit and study for med practicals.. i think i can PE the kids.. haha.. i just hope that they cooperate and we wont end up playing the whole day.. its nice to have them during this time.. takes my mind away. :D

definition of pinoy slang:
indian-someone who doesnt take a bath.. kidding.. someone who does not attend or absents himself in a meeting.. hm.. may be i am one.. haha


  1. Ronald  

    February 2, 2008 at 7:55 PM

    lol.. i do also have some indian friends... ahehehe... (^^,) remember me cam? hehe, just droppin' by...

    As artists think alike...

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