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surgery minor prac.. friday, 10 am
bad hairday..

i was again late..

may be just in time.. :p

arrived after doc..

we just had another fun time with dr regal..

no pressure...

so how to correctly apply a bandage?? for dislocated joints, sprains, etc...?


a bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint or on its own to provide support to the body. so when a applying a bandage, whe want to immobilize the injured joints.. so we pull the bandage towards the opposite site of injury..

we looked like a bunch of injured soldiers..

suji.. figure of 8 bandage of wrist and shoulders

ankle-figure of 8 bandage

kat and hani
velpeau bandage of arm

si madam hanna at ang bolang kristal...
(hanna's attempt to make a recurrent bandage of the egg.. este head pla..)
NEXT WEEK: IV insertion...
have never been hospitalized so i dont know yet how it feels to have a line inserted in my veins.. no chance of me volunteering.. haha i guess..
maybe its similar to donating blood..ive tried donating several times already..painful but tolerable.. eversince, i preferred being the one holding the needle than the other way around..


  1. jaiskizzy  

    February 9, 2008 at 5:26 PM

    tanong lang po: san po nakakabili ng straightjacket? matagal ko na pong pangarap makapagsuot ng ganun. salamat po.

  2. Camille  

    February 9, 2008 at 6:21 PM

    sira.. :D try mo sa bambang.. patahi ka nalang. :D

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