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it often makes me think why are there such people who cant seem to understand boundaries.
they're like vultures.. and me? im like a lost dehydrated traveler somewhere in an african desert.. sun baked wrinkled skin.. sunken dry eyes..sallow face.. the face of death..low blood pressure.. thready pulse.. bloated stomach.. exasperating.. fighting for dear life.. fighting death..

im like an immunocompromised host while they are comparable to opportunistic pathogens.. grabbing any opportunity they can find.. waiting for my system to fail..

i know theyre happy when im down.. they rejoice.. hay what the heck.. i just hope that its worth it for them.. :D

is this life? well..for all i care, they can do all they want. i wont stoop down.. i have a life. its just saddening that some people are capable of doing such things.. may be im just not like that..im too honest.. hm.. im being too righteous but thats me e.. ill be happy. im still not sure what the future holds for me. no matter what i might face in life, i know God always has a plan. Bahala na si Lord.. ive done my part. i hate complexities.. i hate lies..I know ill be alright.


  1. Karen  

    February 20, 2008 at 10:11 AM

    just like what i've said, i won't be singing no 'schadenfreude' (happiness in someone else's misfortune). Though 'some' often finds this fun..

  2. Camille  

    February 20, 2008 at 8:12 PM

    yup.. as if their happiness depends on it.. maybe thats nature. wel.. ok another EMO post according to dak.. :D

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"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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