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i can't stay long so i just posted some pictures for today. i'm not doing so well right now.. med school's toxicity is getting into me.. have to exert more effort or i'll keep getting failed quizzes.. no room for more mistakes. haay.. im just venting... i feel so down.. it really makes me feel bad when i spent so much time reading my books and reviewing my notes but still i can't seem to figure out why i get the grades that i get these days. they are really shocking.. im getting them regularly now and they still they never fail to shock me! i've given so much but it seems that they still aren't enough..hm..radio, med and psych are my main probs right now.. how can they be so difficult??! oh well! it's never too late. i hope that what i'm going through is part of adjustment(of all the time, i'm adjusting now im in 3rd yr?? :S). now that i think of it, we only started third year a month ago but it already felt like eternity.. so much to do in so little time. now i believe med school's HARD!
don't worry guys! i can manage.. i'll never give up! ill just catch up with you guys soon! bye for now...

P.S. while i'm out, try to read our class president's blog-EUGENE.. i don't know how he always finds time for everything. :)

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  1. Jena Isle  

    July 12, 2008 at 8:43 PM

    Hello Camille, yes Med school is tough. You have to devise a method to remember things ( a good memory helps a lot)

    Design acronyms of the first terms or catchy words to help you study.

    Let's say, you are to memorize the number of vertebrae in the spinal column, at the three upper regions of a person.

    You can do this by making use of this prompter:

    7 breakfast,
    12 lunch
    5 dinner.

    This simply means there are 7 vertebrae for the cervical area, 12 in the thoracic area and 5 in the lumbar area.

    or you could form a catchy word from a series of sentences you want to learn.

    i.e. Functions of Lipids

    1. Heat insulator
    2. Carriers for insoluble substances
    3. Biomembrane of lungs
    4. Source of energy

    You could form the sentence:

    Hindi Ca Ba Sasama?

    Hindi - stands for heat insulator
    Ca- carriers
    Ba- biomembrane
    Sasama - source of energy

    or the acronym - CHuBS

    C- carier
    H- heat insulator
    B- biomembrane
    S- source of energy

    I know you got what I mean.

    Good luck with med school.

    All the best to the very beautiful Doctor to be.


    July 12, 2008 at 11:56 PM


    ang talino naman nung nasa taas...

    anw, half of me wants to end KJ's site... sobrang dami na kc ng ginagawa ko... argh!!!

  3. my-so-called-Quest  

    July 22, 2008 at 9:19 PM

    doc cams! how is u? smile na u! hehehe

    kaya mo yan! kaw pa?! dba!

  4. Camille  

    August 4, 2008 at 7:38 PM

    jen: thanks for the long post este comment.. hehe.. for a while akala ko blog mo yun. hehe jowk.. i use codes and acronyms to memorize. they really aid the memory. :)

    KJ: di ka nagiisa. wag ka lang mapressure. enjoy nlang sa pagpost. if you cant think of anythiing to blog about then have a rest muna and enjoy doing other things. pansin ko nga short un posts mo lately.. bout ur twin brother. he he

    ced: oi lalang trip ko lang magrep sa mga comments. now lang nagkaron ng time.. hehehe

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