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ive just finished updating my blog layout.. i had to make some changes.. i think its just right to have a new template since i got a new banner! yep.. nico malala (dak's brother) was super bait, super nice to make me one. what would you want in exchange? lol anyway, thanks a lot! im super touched.

my new banner (click to enlarge)
few of my favorite things and interests.. see? no sports or phys activity of any sort..lol

ok, ive just finished my chores for today.. my kuya's 3 kids stayed here in our house the whole morning. it's just natural as an adult to look after the kids when their parents are not around.. grabe, so tiring.. i was sweeping the whole time. i even taught them how to clean. may be they'll learn to minimize their mess even a bit..

so what's up with my summer so far?? ...?

today is supposed to be my first day a work.. but i didnt go.. i went there last week and i was surprised that they had more than enough MT's. the census of their hospital right now is low. meaning, few patients are going in. benign.. and one more thing, i dont feel like working there because my ninong(godfather) who's a part owner of the hospital would just be obliged to give me money and give me a job even if im not needed there. hehe.. i think ill be of more use if i just help around the house, and just be my mom's driver. haay.. i had a lot of plans during the start of summer but seems that i havent accomplished any of them yet.. what the heck!! ill just relax and enjoy. as i usually say, no expectations, no disappointments. :) at least i got to swim already.. i was really happy coz i bought new board shorts and 2 pc swimsuit.. haha.. hay.. im about to become older again.. just a couple more weeks to go. maybe ill go to the beach... but i dont like to have a tan.. hehe..

hundred islands? pede.. :)

if someone's planning to get me gift(yes i like gifts..love 'em!:>), i would like a magic sing..
a silver edition would do. :) pwde rin mabuhay edition.. lol.. i want to practice my vocal chords.. and if u know me, well.. i love to sing.. i love ktv.. i dunno if singing loves me. . i used to be a glee club member back in highschool though. another nice gift would be a puppy.. i really need someone to hug right know.. someone i can take care of.. i need to divert my mind and attention.. i still remember my old dog.. boyet.. we lost him last year.. he was taken.. stolen..:(

missing boyet

oh i remembered! our class president, eug, told me that he'll give me a puppy! i want another labrador puppy. hm.. :)


it's so cloudy today.. as if it isnt summer.. i think there is a typhoon right now. i heard my niece a while ago telling me there is a bagyo named ambo. hm.. buti pa sha she watches the news noh? :)


  1. dak  

    April 14, 2008 at 3:26 PM

    so you finally resorted into using the "read more" function... nice...

    btw, it's frequently raining here in our province... weird isn't it?

    owell, happy bday in advance... hehehe...

  2. Camille  

    April 14, 2008 at 6:00 PM

    dont forget to get me a gift.. ill feel bad if u dont.. haha.. nope.. it just rained today.. i think there really is a typhoon..

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