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just my 2 cents

whats up with shallow guys and girls anyway?? hm.. i guess im being too harsh by generalizing.. its just that i dunno.. if im annoyed, disappointed or turned off by them. those people who attach certain adjectives to their names such as cute paul or hotkikay3324 etc.. wala lang.. kasi naman how could they do that to themselves.. is that the only way they see themselves..or are they just conceited? i often get invites and messages from strangers and ive observed that they all have something in common.. sa guys naku naman.. super bolero.. tas what do they get ba in collecting girl friends in friendster?? bakt b gnun.. no offense.. i have nothing against the idea meeting people in the net.. its just that it wont work for me e.. mahirap na yun sa panahon ngayon.. andmi manloloko.. if you're destined to meet someone youll meet him in God's time.. sa mga girls naman.. sobrang feminist lang siguro ko.. yoko nadedegrade ang mga babae.. i know our women have more to be proud about.. not just being hot, sexy or slutty.. every girl is different and deserve each man's respect.. siguro wala lang din ako sa mood. haha.. angsungit ko ba?? basta ayun..
anyway siguro d rn ako pwde magalit.. kaya nga friendster.. we meet new people.. ok ok na.. basta spare me the pick up lines nlng ok?? peace!
sem break na pala.. hm.. what to do what to do.. yoko pa umuwi ng prov.. punta pa ko ust ngyn to see our grades,, gotta go..


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"i'm glad i had the chance to clean up my fridge and got away with the old rotten fish i've been keeping for years...now i'm back, sailing and fishing..and i think the gods are with me, because the waves are coming to me..with it are varieties a lot better than the fish i once had..."
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