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i dont like makati..part2

just got home.. still have to study for our clin path exam tomorrow but look.. i chose to update my blog 1st. :D so we went to joab's birthday party.. prepared by who else? of course his ever thoughtful mamabear ana. sugarmomy ba? haha.. so we went all the way to greenbelt makati to attend a kiddie party at mcdo. :D im happy lucky sep agreed to go. being the lazy one that he is.. eventhough hes not feeling well.. but then we have talked bout na.. i pulled him out of bed.. he pretended to be asleep pa and caught him laughing under the pillow.. yup parng bata.. qt.. hes been joking pa how excited he is.. hehe.. think of it.. going that far for mcdonalds.. but then of course its not bout the food. he usually does not like going to parties.. he's a schizoid.. a hermit..so it really surprised me. weird talaga..
i appreciate it a lot. well anyway we had a hard time finding the place. we both hate makati.. we often get lost.. even sep doesnt know the way... gimikero na un..
actually, the time we spent goin there and way back home took longer than the time we spent at the party. we asked for directions a dozen times..i texted pipi..james..5 to 6 guards.. 3 taxi drivers, 2 jeepneys drivers i think.. haha.. buti nakarating din.. we arrived late.. (nabasa ng ulan.. grabe dami obstacles noh? haha.. for a friend tlga kahit anu.. ill do anything! nax.. wahaha..) they were already having pix taken with mascot of ronald mcdonald. then joab started giving the give aways. i was really hungry so i just ate as soon as we found our seats,, haha yup mga patay gutom kami.. i didnt eat lunch kasi.. so yun.. pipi was there, jed, of course ana, joab etc.. they said i got thinner.. ana's mom said "muka ka nang intellectual" haha dati ba nde? muka lang.. :D pabanjing banjing pa nga lang din.. haha.. we chatted for a few minutes lang.. late narn kasi.. so thats all.. we went home just as the guests left..

ive talked to ana and pipi.. told me im lucky to be studying.. coz its really easier.. i can imagine.. its really difficult to work.. lalo na if its not that rewarding.. i think its part of growing up.. challenges.. hay anyway dont wana think bout it muna.. lots of things to do pa pala.. haha..


  1. dack  

    October 1, 2007 at 6:40 AM

    dumbi-dum-dum-dum.... hay... when will you ever learn? i knoe you knoe what i am talking abt... njoy life!

  2. Cams  

    October 1, 2007 at 7:44 AM

    hay.. napagalitan nanaman ako.. onga e.. :( i know youre right..

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