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i heart my mom

philos of chicken mafia tagged me.. this was supposed to be done to commemorate the recent mother's day.. i would like to show all my love and appreciation to my mom..

hi mom! THANK YOU! for always understanding me.. i know im hardheaded and all.. sorry for all the headaches that ive given u.. i know ive given u a lot. thank you for not giving up and always staying by our side.. thank you for loving us no matter how imperfect we are.. hehe.. we love you soo much and we wish you all the happiness you deserve..you're the best! bow.. :)

our mothers really are the light of our homes.. without them.. life would really be different.. haay i wouldnt want to hink about that.. im just really glad that i have my mom! moms really are source of many good things..they care, they give, they provide.. oh the comfort they give! nothing else can compare to that! now, it's payback time!! i owe my mom a lot.. i owe her my life.. so here is a simple thing that i made especially for you mom! :) we love you!xoxoxo! :*

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  1. philos  

    May 17, 2008 at 5:10 PM

    Now that's a really artistic looking heart, and rather hip too!

    Belated Happy Mother's Day to your mom! :)

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